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Since I enjoy writing, I decided to open my writing services to you all. If any of you ever need someone to look over your university paper, resume, invitation, social media content or any other type of writing  such as ; copyrighting, please feel free to contact me.  I am willing to review your writing and help you in any possible way to achieve your writing tasks. Payments are through PayPal offerings .

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  1. Hi  there, this is a very nice idea. Lots of people are out there without a guide of any form of expertise to help them with their writings and sometimes out of being an amateur settles for lesser quality, which is not good enough if one is to be maintaining a standard. I see this writing service a very good means to getting our write ups to be perfect. Best regards.

  2. This is a really nice idea. I see it as a means of also helping younger writers to check the level of how good thier works can be now. There are only a few people who offer such service and seeing so seeing someone new coming up to doing such business is really nice. I’ll inform others about it.

  3. I’ve been wondering about how to write better for social media, as I feel pretty confident with what I’m doing on my website but social media is a different world I’m not familiar with! I’m thinking particularly about Instagram, do you have experience with writing for Instagram? And what is your pricing structure like? Thank you.

    1. Hi Emily, I personally don’t like Instagram; I prefer Facebook. However, Instagram is all about being visual. Therefore, one needs visual content. What I would do is create it and e-mail it all to you as scheduled; i.e. Weekly.

  4. This indeed a great piece of information and a very important helping hand, Originality and research is what sets that basics of academic writing work and not everyone is good at delivering a good content or a perfect picture of what they have in mind, this is really going to pay me off, as it is the easiest way to get great articles written for my blog on my schedule.

  5. I have been going through some of your contents and I do see that you are an expert in your writing and your readers really appreciate the fact that you are willing to offer your writing services to your readers. We would really love to see a more detailed post on everything about your writing services including payments. That would certainly make things a lot clearer.

    1. Thank you. Most definitely Jay, I am winging it to see what you all think in order to define it. I haven’t figured out any precise payments; which is why I mentioned PayPal offerings for now. However, any suggestion are welcome. 

  6. Wow! Thanks so much linda for offering your services to us all, I think I could need a little help soon. I have been a constant writer for some years now and it has really not been easy for me to attain excellence in my writing as of yet. Now that I would soon be completing my final year thesis, maybe when I have done my full writing, I would just need you to help me with the editing and proofreading phase. Thanks

  7. Am glad you have decided to make yourself available for writing services, I think we will also need to talk about you sending samples of your few articles to me so I can know maybe we can reach an agreement, I have an upcoming project and I will be needing a versatile writer. Of course I have a PayPal account where payments can be easily made. 

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