Worry vs Faith

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?.”

Mathew 6:25


Everyone in the world has worried at least five times in their lives. Worry is something everyone goes through. It is something that makes people tick, loose focus, yell and even enter into a violence stage. It steals peace of mind..  Anxiety is the same thing than worry; except it contains fear and is the extreme of what people call worry or being preoccupied. Few people see “anxiety” this way until it’s exposed.  One walks in life watching psychiatrists and doctors give prescribed medication for this matter; labeling the individual with a psychology  disorder or as simple as a diagnosis.  This is completely unethical  and a control of mind.  Worry, known as anxiety; is showing doubt and where there is doubt, there is lack of faith.

Christ gives me strength; I must not worry.


Faith is placing your trust in the Lord. Those who worry, lack faith. For without faith, it is impossible to trust God. Some people  worry due to the fact that they are usually in control of most situations. Most people who consider themselves “fixers” are the ones who worry because “this time” they have no control over the issue. However, leaving the problem in the Lord’s hands is trusting that everything will turn out fine. If you think “But I have little faith.” The only question you shall ask yourself now is; Where is my trust coming from? Do I truly trust him or do I just want to make myself believe I do? Where am I truly placing my trust? In mankind or in the Lord?

Ask yourself how much time, energy and peace of mind you are wasting during this action as well as anxiety. Is it helping you or making things worse?

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  1. Pentrental says:

    At least five times is a good number. I agree that anxiety is the same as worrying and it can be the cause of much strife. Often times financial reasons come into play, but there can be other factors as well. Where there s doubt is invariably a lack of faith as well as you’ve pointed out very well here. Putting faith in the Lord is sound advice. And it’s a great questions to ask about anxiety. You have a very positive and insightful message here and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts, thank you!

  2. Adyns68 says:

    I totally agree with you. When we let ourselves succumb to fear and worry it is because somehow we are not holding on our faith to God. When we have faith in God, we know that no matter the circumstances He will take care of us and will help us in the best way. 

    I also found myself worried sometimes and after praying to God and leaving my problem to His hands, I usually feel such a relieve. But it is not always easy to take time to pray when you are worried or anxious, because at that time we think more about the problem than the solution. God is always the solution.


  3. Peggy Scott (True2U2) says:

    Your site is very informative. It answers a lot of questions that I too have wondered about.  It’s hard to stay focused on faith when there’s so much turmoil in your life.  To me, I have to practice faith daily and sometimes, I feel like giving up but then I remember the blessings that God has given me.  He always comes through for me, always.  There was one time when I was about to lose my home.  I was robbed a week before and everything I had of value was taken. I didn’t know what I was going to do because I couldn’t borrow from anyone because no one would help me.  My husband had left me for another woman and I was alone with my two kids.  I could barely keep us fed and now I didn’t know where we were going to live.  All I had left was Faith.  Something happened and I was awakened in the night with a warm feeling. I can’t explain it but I will never forget it.  The next day, I went to my mailbox and I had a cashiers check for $3,000.  I fell to my knees right there and I thanked God over and over again. To this day, I don’t know where the money came from but it had my name on it.  So I know about faith and I thank you for your Web Site.  I would like to follow you.

    • Wow Peggy,
      It seams to me you have experienced God’s glory and answered prayers. I would love to share your testimony on this site. Feel free to reach out. The scripture says, ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened; Mat 7:7.

  4. Jim says:

    Hi Linda. I worried a lot when I was younger. I worried where my food would come from. How I would pay my bills. Would my little girl grow to be a good citizen. I believe I worried far more then five times and probably closer to Five hundred times. Then a friend of mine asked me if I’d like to attend their church. Now, I had been brought up a Christian but left the faith when I was about 18 years of age. I believed that religion was a huge part of the worlds problems. So that was another thing I had to worry about. I ended up attending the church just to get my friend off my back. That decision changed my life, and I have followed the lord ever since. I no longer worry because I know he has plans for me and for my family. Thank you for this fantastic article. Jim 

  5. Henri says:

    Hi Linda,

    There is an ancient quote by Seneca: “A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.” It makes perfect sense; the logic is irresistible. However, for a person suffering from anxiety, the words do not resonate.

    Most people have met people who seemingly had everything needed to make them happy, and yet they weren’t. Sadly, some are burdened and finally defeated by issues that would be inconsequential to most.

    Cheers, Henri

  6. Dave Sweney says:

    I agree totally that if you have genuine faith you need not worry. This is something I have learned at a young age and even when worry tries to creep into my head, I will not allow it to overwhelm that faith which is always within me. 

    It takes a lot to have that much faith, and none of us escapes worry from trying to win over faith, but if you put it into perspective, worry has no place and soon dissipates.   

    It can help to work with someone that can open your eyes to the faith, and put the worries where they belong, which is outside your day to day routine and life.

    Good post to show the power of faith and how it can defeat worry every time. Thanks for the insightful information!

    • Well put Dave!
      Worry is a part of doubt and it intervenes with faith.
      Unfortunately, I have witnessed wise people have lots of doubt but little faith. God gave us the faith of a mustard seed which we should water.
      However, it can easily dry up; making us loose sight of his presence.

  7. Robert J Warneck says:

    I agree that worrying allows us to be open to senses that stray us away from the path of faith and belief in His power.  Yet in my personal experience, have seen and felt my self suffer from anxiety at times, but I don’t believe it made me a non believer.  I do not think it fair to assume that people are just worrisome or have anxiety, because of lack of faith.  It is holding on to faith that help them get through those anxieties.  I apologize if this was not what you were trying to portray here, but it has come off like that.  I wish you all the best in your journey in Faith.


    • Robert, no worries.
      Yes, it was not what I portrayed. hehe
      Anxiety is just a spirit; one can be anxious and have faith all at the same time.
      However, where there is only doubt, there is lack of faith.

  8. C says:

    Thankyou. Great article. I appreciate what you said about having worry and having faith. I find I have a mix, and they both have their purpose. For example, when you’re making a website, you might have a mix of worry that no one will find it, and other times when you have a sense it will all work out. Both are a part of having balance. 

    Sometimes worry helps protect you, for example, if your worry helps you avoid a scam. Or you are worrying in the middle of the night, and it occurs to you that you forgot to pay a bill. Or, if you are doing an unhealthy habit, and you can’t help but worry that it would affect you adversely. So, you eventually try to stop the unhealthy habit, thanks in part to the worried feeling you got when you did it. 

    So, it doesn’t have to be a battle between worry and faith. When you really have faith, you don’t have to worry about worry. You can have faith in everything, including worry, knowing its all part of the process. 

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