When do you Find the Holy Spirit

Finding the Holy Spirit

The one and only thing it takes for one to find the Holy Spirit is through the disposition of the heart. This means receiving with open spirit, mind and soul in a positive open mind; waiting to receive with patience. For One usually receives and experiences the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit the moment one takes this action. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes one to see in order to believe. However, even though some see and believe, they leave God’s side and stop seeking him while losing communication with him because their prayers have been answered.

find the holy spirit

“Instead, it should be the inner disposition of the heart, consisting in the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which God values greatly.” 1 Peter 3:4

My personal experience

The first moment the Holy Spirit entered in me was when I decided to believe in Christ and waited for my healing. Then suddenly, my tongue begun rolling and the gift of tongues entered in me; by this means, my faith increased by ten miles and automatically believed in the supernatural and spiritual world. Receiving the Holy spirit is not about receiving spiritual gifts; but believing in Christ. The Holy Spirit is his spirit after all.

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  1. Md Millat says:

    Hi Linda!

    I was really fascinated by your article about finding the Holy Spirit.Thank you for sharing such a beautiful theory among us. I agree with you about finding the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is found in an open mind, patiently for the free spirit to be accepted with the mind and spirit.The Holy Spirit once came into me too, and I received spiritual strength at that time. Then I felt the power of a few men human beings within me and I agree with your experience. I believe in Christ and I think every Christian should believe in Christ. I really enjoyed this article and I have bookmarked your web site so that I can come back later on your website.I really enjoyed this article and I have bookmarked your web site so that I can come back later on your website. 

    Thank you so much for the post.

  2. Jordan says:

    Hi Linda,

    More and more people are shunning the Holy Spirit from their lives and replacing him with matters of the world. Consumerism and materialism are cancer growing in our societies and pushing God away.

    When do you find the Holy Spirit? When you open your heart to him in full. 

    We need a world where more people are accepting and acting through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.




  3. Juan Saladin says:

    The Holy Spirit has many manifestations: You may cry, you may laugh or you may just feel the peace you would never experience before.  Thanks for using this means to spread the Holy Word.

    In order to get to feel it, you need to invoke his presence. Do you remember where the Bible says that “Wherever 2 or more get together on my name, There I’ll be”?

    This is Lord’s word, and the Holy Spirit is one with God. So, gathering together seems to become a prerequisite to be touch by the Holy Spirit; Don’t you think?

  4. Rhain says:

    Hello Linda,

    This is absolutely true. I’ve found myself trying to make sense of things that would otherwise require my stillness of spirit which is a form of faith. This in turn requires patience without which the descending of the Holy spirit tarries. Now the quality of being able to have total faith, is a result of believing in Jesus Christ.

    Great Post.

  5. James says:

    It’s interesting how many people find different ways of reaching out to and receiving from the Holy Spirit! Thanks for sharing your own story of waiting. For me, in the past it has been through passion and through the inspiring teachings, but paradoxically certain “teachings” and verses that people follow are also what have lead me astray in the past. In the end, I think it comes down to finding your own meaning, interpretation, and truly personal relationship with the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity.

  6. Kell says:

    This is really a great insight on serendipity. Walpole noted that

    “As their highnesses traveled, they were always making discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of.”

    I am convinced that the way we lead our lives – over planning, overbooking, developing hard lists of goals and objectives, cramming our schedules full, placing so much importance on being very busy, and never looking up from our devices – is tragically shrinking our chances of encountering serendipity.

    I feel that luck and serendipity are very different. Luck is good fortune. Serendipity is finding something wonderful that you didn’t know you were looking for.

    I also believe that serendipity is one of the best parts of life.

    Great post.

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