What does the Holy Spirit do

What role does the Holy Spirit play?

The holy spirit is mainly here to guide us. Let’s say you are in the middle of making a decision and you don’t know what path to take. Ask the Holy Spirit (believing in Christ) and He will guide you. The scripture says;

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Mathew 7:7

Is it easy? Not really because the flesh (emotions) usually takes over decision making and does not allow the Holy Spirit to guide us. God speaks through His Spirit; but one tends not to listen because worries unfortunately are bigger than their faith; which is the main issue. The main way to see God is through His spirit; the spirit that was left on earth by Jesus Christ.

What does the Holy Spirit do once one listens?

He guides and leads us to the appropriate path; slowly removing fears. However, one must pray and daily increase their faith to prevent the enemy’s spiritual attack to knock them down. One way to do this is by attending a congregation and bible study because it is important to feed the spirit with the appropriate spiritual food; which is God’s word.  

What does He consist of?

As one you already know, the Holy Spirit is a person; therefore, He has his own Character which consists of “God’s seven spirits” He also consists of fruits. Just like we have a spirit, He has “fruits”; which we must all be filled with. Just as you may have your “gifts” or talents which you’d like to pass on to your generations; so, does He.  There is so much to learn about He who guides us; we must learn it all to live a God-fearing life.

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  1. JealousLi says:

    Hi, Linda
    Thank you for sharing this article about What does the Holy Spirit do, because I live in China, there is no religious belief, and I lack knowledge in this area. You gave me a preliminary understanding of Holy Spirit, as Emmanuel said. , The Holy Ghost is the Helper of the Believer, He is the guider, counselor, teacher, strengthener, comforter. Let me have a deeper understanding of what you mean by this post.
    So thank you.

  2. Willy says:

    This is very amazing. Thanks for clarifying this confusing notion that I have about the holy spirit. I use to think that the holy spirit is just a spirit that doesn’t reply man or do anything for man. Thanks for clarifying how helpful the holy spirit can be, I now know that he can be my companion and I can ask did anything I want from him as a believer. Thanks so niche,I am grateful. Kudos

  3. Jones says:

    This is a really lovely post, the holy spirit works in a way that we can’t understand sometimes, but he has given us the grace to know more of him through prayers and by increasing our faith to prevent spiritual accident. The seven fruits of the spirit are really useful for we Christians and through the holy spirit, we can ask for things from God and speak with him in a more coordinated way. Thanks for sharing this spiritual and useful article, it’ll really help in my spiritual endeavors.

  4. Chloe says:

    Hello Lindy, thanks for sharing this wonderful post. There are lots of people out there who lack the proper understanding of what the Holy Spirit do in our life. Reading through this post have given me a better understanding of this post and now I can boldly speak to anyone about the Holy spirit now. Thank your for sharing this wonderful information.

  5. Paula says:

    Hi Linda, I like the way you express the ideas a lot. I have experienced miracles myself because I let them happen. I also try to be grateful every day for everything I have; even if things are going as well as I’d like. It’s in being thankful and grateful we experience blessings and ‘bonuses’ in life. I hadn’t heard of God’s Seven Spirits before. What does that mean exactly?

  6. Dallas Stump says:

    Hi I read your post titled, “What Does The Holy Spirit Do”. I agree with what you have written to a point. The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity. As the Bible makes clear the trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I once had it explained to me on a church retreat I took part in. There was a tree that grew in the middle of the camp site. It was huge and from the stump grew three branches that had grown for over a hundred years. That was close to 30 years ago when I attended that camp. They had marked each branch of the tree for one of the members of the trinity. The father, the son, and the holy spirit, but they all were from the same set of roots.

    That lesson sank in and after all of these years I can still remember sitting around that tree discussing the tree of life and how the father, son and holy spirit were one. This also backs your discussion of the three being one. The holy spirit by our terms is considered to be a man.

    -Dallas Stump

  7. Nuttanee says:

    You brought up some good point here. Us we are afraid of the unknown, we tend to stay at our comfort zone even though that comfort zone can hurt us. I do pray every night and I do believe that if I listen to what the Holy Spirit says I will get what I asked for. Praise the lord. 

  8. Robert Trevor says:

    The Holy Spirit is one of the Holy Trinity,of Father God,His son Jesus Christ the Saviour,who lived and died,rose from the dead on the third day,ascended into heaven,and will one day return to rule the earth.

    The Holy Spirit is the one who Teaches us about Jesus Christ,and is our Guide,and our Comforter,and leads us,as God the Father directs.

    We need to be obedient to the words of the Holy Spirit,unfortunately our flesh,tends to lead us in the wrong path,as our fears and worries, try to take control.      

    We need to confess,”God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power,and of Love, and of a sound mind.”casting all negative thoughts out, and following the leading of the Holly Spirit.

    As we are obedient to the Holy Spirit,he will lead us into all truth,and we can Ask and we shall receive,Seek and we shall find, we will Knock and God will open the door ,to all He has for us.

    God also says in His Word,”Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together,”He wants us to keep in close fellowship with other Christians,by joining a local church,and encouraging each other,attending Bible studies,and building up the body of Christ,in our area.

  9. Jay says:

    Praying and congregating for bible study to remove the effects the enemy’s spiritual attacks can have on us is one of the best weapons we have against the enemy. I was really contemplating going to bible study today and for some reason I came across that in this post. I am really glad I did as it might be God telling me I really need to go to church to study about his word today.

  10. Hendrik says:

    Wow, it is interesting to see how this triggers me. God is a he? The spirit a person? Thankfully we can all believe what we want. For myself, I think we are spirit experiencing life in a human body. Jesus was sent to show us love and compassion for one another. No matter the religion or belief. No matter the color or background. We are all one on the journey to become love, the highest vibration of all. If you think there is someone higher than you, you are giving your power away. Not God-Fearing, but God-Loving. 

  11. Henderson says:

    Praise Jesus for this post and you have done with  it so well. The holy spirit is truly a person and he is our guide. He speaks to us and manifests through us. Through him, we can communicate with God and through him we can ask God for our hearts wants. Nice one Linda. Very good!

  12. SeunJeremiah says:

    There’s alot to know about, having the Holy Spirit means having the power to be a witness of God,  the Holy Spirit is a beautiful and powerful part of who God is. We need Him in our life as a guide to become who God created us to be, and through His power we have aid in all situations. Without Him, we are powerless in faith. knowing him has the Holy Spirit is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

  13. Carol5162 says:

    I know the Holy Spirit as the great Helper. It is easy to think that you can call on the Holy Spirit when in need, but indeed, the flesh is weak. When a situation arises, we fail to rest on the Lord and trust His Holy Spirit to work on us. Your pointer on feeding our spirit with the word of God is true.That is the only way we can build our Faith and not get distracted by unnecessary fear.

    Thank you for the great explanation of what the Holy Spirit does. We just need to let Him take away our worries and fears and let Him lead the way.

    Great inspiration!

  14. Emmanuel says:

    This is a very powerful question. The Holy Ghost was sent to abide in the believer forever. Jesus Christ told His disciples that it is expedient for Him to go otherwise the Holy Ghost will not come. he said “I will pray the Father and He will send you another Helper who will abide with you forever”

    The Holy Ghost is the Helper of the Believer, He is the guider, counselor, teacher, strengthener, comforter.

    i have learnt to see him as my Helper and He Has never failed nor forsaken me. I love Him so much

  15. Paul says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the helpful and informative post.

    Indeed, HOLY SPIRIT is a person many are not aware of it and thanks for sharing.

    While reading your post I remember Ephesians 4:30 “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.”

    He is our friend, guide, and protector. HE is the one who is going to take us to our LORD. Without HIM nothing can be done and we need to talk, discuss and invest our time with HIM. As you mentioned, instead of figuring out things on our own when we seek HOLY SPIRIT help HE will guide us to perfection.

    Thanks for this post and GOD bless!

  16. Jordan Smith says:

    Awesome and insightful post. When I think of the Holy Spirit,  I primarily think of Him: God with us, helping and empowering us to live a flourishing life that radiates the goodness of God. I don’t know about how many people think of the Holy Spirit, but I’m constantly aware of my need for divine help. As my flesh fights for control, it’s the Spirit that steps in and helps me to be who God created me to be.

  17. Evelin says:

    Very beautifully written! I would love to read a second post specifically speaking about “God’s Seven Spirits” to learn more about the subject. It’s something I haven’t heard of before, even after years of going to church. I do have a question. How does God consist of fruits? Is our gifts the same as him having fruits?

    Thank you for helping me think deeper with your post. I look forward to reading more of your future posts 🙂 

  18. mattias says:

    The holy spirit us our help in times of trouble; he is our guide in times of indecision and he is always with us in everything we do. The holy spirit does virtually everything for us as far we believe in God almighty and have become born again in him. We receive the spirit to be our guide and to help maintain our sanity in this insane world. The Holy spirit has always been there and would always be. Thanks

  19. Chris says:

    love this post about the Holy Spirit. I have learned that one of the things we receive from the Spirit is guidance when we need to take decisions. 

    My question for you is this: If a person is not a christian, is it still possible for that person to get guidance from the Holy Spirit?

    I will also love it if you could explain more about getting guidance if a person is a “christian” because he is born to christian parents but does not attend church activities like bible studies and congregation services. 

    Thanks again for highlighting this issue of guidance from the Holy Spirit. May our Mighty God richly bless you.

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