Types of Love


Many people think one falls in love. Correction: one grows in love.

Agape: Unconditional love-spiritual love-never fails-foundational love

          Agape is a selfless kind of love. It is God’s love. It’s a love you give without expecting anything in return; reflected in all actions. Just like Jesus gave his life for our sins. Agape love is  where the one accepts the individual regardless of their flaws and faults. Agape love is the one everyone truly and deeply wishes to receive; the type of love that every marriage should start with. Love is demonstrated by the behavior towards another person; it is a committed and chosen type of  love. Agape is love with no string attached. “Love your neighbor” as the scripture says;  is how people are able to give to strangers such as the homeless without expecting anything in return.  Both give and take without expecting anything in return. They conquer it all and respect each other in all departments of life.

2. Philo: Platonic Love-love of the soul

       Successful marriages works with “philo” as its foundation. One doesn’t know where love stands until it has been tested through life’s issues. This type of love is based on similar interests, mindset, beliefs, values, principles and culture. In order to have this type of love, there ought to be a spiritual connection. Friendship is like a baby plant you nurture. It takes work to become a friend; some are coworkers, others are friends. Don’t give yourself all at once. Test those around you with a small dosage of who you are to see if they will honor and respect you for who you are. Love that knows forgiveness, acceptance and sacrifice; just like Christ. One that makes you feel secure, comfortable and safe. In some cases, “friendship” may turn into a “romantic relationship”, where the couple in such a relationship becomes “best friends”.

3. Eros: Love of the flesh.  Erotic Love- Lust desire- longing emotional attraction

Eros, known as the “Greek God” of sexual desire; defined as divine values and dispositions with someone and the feelings are reciprocated. Eros love is based on having sexual urges towards the individual. Lust is it’s name;  it is not love at all. It is based on beauty, sensuality, a sexual desire of the flesh known as lust. This type of love fades within a year or month; and does not fulfill a healthy marriage.  It usually leads to self satisfaction of the flesh which is usually known as “hook ups” or “one night stands” in this 21st century. Eros should be shown only in marriage as the sexual intimate portion.

Truth be told; one needs all 3 types of love to have and keep a marriage going. 

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