The sensibility of Christians

Sensibility towards society?

It has come to my attention that 70 percent of people who call themselves “Christians” tend to treat others according to their own judgement. The world is filled of labeling and what not. Society labels issues according t race and culture. For instance, “Mexicans” as refuges or drug addicts and so on. What about black eyes makeup males; emo’s or gothics etc. So, there is labeling everywhere; especially in the youth where everyone is trying to fit in. However, this is not right. Did you know that everyone in the world has some type of rejection in them? Did you know that you are not the only one trying to get accepted by society and fit in? Allow me to elaborate the extreme of such issue.

Judgement placed to the test

“We decided to make an ecclesiastic social experiment to see how Christian youth reacted towards someone from the street who wished to enter a spiritual activity. I was invited as an intercessor to a youth event in South America. I disguised myself as a role of someone with deep spiritual issues; who seeked help within the “followers of Jesus” community. I was standing for about an hour and a half. They passed by me and no one says hi. Then I decided to be a bit more obvious so I ask what the event is about. When they tell me it’s a Christian event, I show my desire to attend and am willing to pay for my own ticket to enter. They explain to me that there is no more room because all tickets are sold out; which was true. Many gave me the same reason.

A Sad failed result

After a while of noticing that nobody is willing to invite me in, I decided to get a bit more dramatic so I spoke to many youth explaining that I suffer from anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I beg them, insisting to let me enter the event to hear God’s word. Even though some spoke about Jesus and his love towards me, gave me some words of comfort concerning the situation, nobody made the effort to let me enter. At that given moment, I was disappointed.; where was the problem? Was it the difference; was it the shyness, or was it that they were just to timid due to my appearance? Or was there just a lack of determination to break the rules a bit and allow this broken soul even though there were no more tickets? All facts showed that my experiment within the church had failed within the need of helping others.

Lesson learned


However, someone appeared who seemed to understand her mission on this earth. A young thirteen-year-old female youth along with her friend approached me asking what it was I needed. I explained that I wanted to enter and without thinking it twice, she removed her bracelet pass and offered it to me. I was impressed by her gesture; but even more when I asked how she would enter. She replied she was giving me her seat for me to enter and she would stay outside. At that moment, the event organizer who knew exactly what was going on, admired by the youth’s action says its not necessary for her to stay outside and allows us all in. This teenager guided me to find a seat and said; “May God bless you.” was such a shocking surprise for her and for everyone present when they presented me as the intercessor of the event. We decided to congratulate and honor her publicly for her courage and sensibility. The most important thing was that we all learned a valuable lesson; Be more empathetic with people and see beyond the exterior. We learned to imitate Jesus in his love towards humanity.” Anonymous~

For that is what the Lord ordered us to do: ‘I have made you a light to the gentiles to be the means of salvation to the very ends of the earth.’”

Acts 13:47


Dear readers, It was really sad to see this test fail.  I really hope you got the positive lesson out of this  video.  When I read the comments of this shared Facebook post; I saw a lot of trash talk towards Christians; however, that action only proves my point; it is a society issue. Christian or non Christian ;this is how society is. Please treat others as you wish to be treated.its good to get out of our own ways to help a soul. As far as Christians go; I hope this is a lesson to you all; we were called to make the great commission which is “make disciples around all nations” therefore do NOT judge. My pastors always taught me to never discriminate anyone and especially; DO NOT JUDGE. What is happening t this world? It was a shame to see this. It was a shame to see that from the ages of 12-21, it took a 13 year old kid to take action. Are children more sensible?  To all adults who watched this; please reflect n your own actions; and I include myself. Linda Monserrat~

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  1. Sonny says:


    Thank you for sharing this great post. Your story was sad yet amazing at the same time. Kudos to the 13 yr. old for being so selfless. 

    Your story reminded me of something I read many years ago about this pastor who dressed as a hobo and stayed outside the church entrance because he wanted to see how his congregation would react and sadly, they reacted similarly to those people in your story. He asked for alms and very few responded. Very few people asked him inside. So finally he went in and was the last person to enter the church and as he walked up the isle to the stage, everyone in the church realized what just happened. Now i forgot the sermon that came right away but there wasn’t a dry eye. 

    Thanks for sharing your story


  2. Sam says:

    I don’t know if children are more sensible or, if they are in a stage where they haven’t started picking up on prejudices yet. In a perfect world everyone would of given up their seat when they saw you needed help. I think though, because the 13 year old did what was right, your test didn’t necessarily fail. It just showed you where the light was. I’m sure her kindness made everyone else rethink their actions. Perhaps the next time they are in a similar situation they will now choose to help the stranger out.

  3. Passion Jurnal says:

    Hi Linda, It is sad what is happening to our communities, you know in Africa, we have a definition of ”ubuntu” that says ”I am what I am because of who we are” but not all people are living by this definition.

    The definition is about Compassion, Kindness, and Humanity. And this is what lacking to us people and it not about whether you are Christian or not according to my opinion. Because before you even become a Christian you are a ”Human Being” that must demonstrate ”Ubuntu”.

    I happy about that young girl who took an initiative to show ”Ubuntu” this means that we have a growing society that is conscious about Humility. 

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