Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month-February

Many teenagers have the impression that they shall be dating at this age. What give s it away? Is it the age; the puberty stage? Is it society? Who knows the purpose of dating? One dates to get married. One does not date out of pleasure. I recall my first boyfriend was at the age of 14; because I thought I was supposed to date. I would see everyone dating and I just wanted to fit in. Wrong…. Unless you have the income to sustain yourself, then go out and date. A teenager is unlikely to have that income. Besides, dating opens unwanted doors.

Teenagers dating is the same as exposing them to violence. How so? Well for starters, don’t allow two teens to go out in public alone; but instead with a group of friends. If they go alone, it exposes them to being sexually active. Something that is not supposed to happen to anyone unless married. Oh c’mon! You may think? Seriously; not meant to happen. Teenagers are meant to figure out what their life is all about; not the time for achild to raise another child nor the time to own anyone. He isn’t yours and she isn’t yours either. You are nobody’s property.

A family of four was eating dinner one afternoon when someone rang the doorbell. It was three thirteen year old girls asking their guy friend;  if he wanted to go out for a ride in their “16 year old” sibling car. The 34 year old mother was in astonishment as she saw the “girls” without any adult supervision. Thirteen year olds are children; even 18 year old’s at times are also considered children. The 34 year old mother closed the door in astonishment wondering where the parents of the 3 girls were at. The world has come down to this. are the adults at?  This was an open door to disaster.

Please do not leave teenagers without adult supervision.

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  1. Parameter says:

    In my opinion, apart from having the income to fund themselves; there is a need for high emotional balance for the child before a teenager starts talking about dating. Between the age of 12 and 18, it is obvious that the child is not emotionally balanced. As such dating should be encouraged in children above the age of nineteen

  2. Rhain says:

    Teenagers should not be left without supervision. The implications of such cannot be overstated. Like you said, when teenagers get involved with each other in an intimate capacity, it is most certainly a disaster in the making. It is akin to exposing them to violence early on. Every parent needs to be guided on this subject. Nice of you to share.

  3. John says:

    You know, I have to totally agree here. Teen dating is really going out of hands. When I was younger, my parents wouldn’t let me go anywhere till I was 18. I had close supervision and they made sure I didn’t have a girlfriend till later. Ofcourse friends mocked me but that was how I was brought up. I wouldn’t lie though, I began having problems rolling with ladies when I eventually did have the freedom. It’s really nice that you are evangelizing this now.

  4. Mike says:

    Very interesting points made here. Yes, it is such a good idea to make sure teens do go out with a group of friends. It’s just asking for trouble if two teens go out on their own. There is so much going on during these years that it won’t end well for anyone. 

  5. Christine says:

    Great article about teens dating. When I was young, my parents will not allow me to go out with a boy alone. She will say yes if going out with a group of friends.  

    One of my friends daughter started dating when she was 15.  She ended up as a single mom and seldom see her smiles.

     It is sad to see teens getting hurt as a result of dating.  Teenagers should enjoy their life happily and not getting into troubles that are too much for them to understand.

  6. Hello Yoga Queen says:

    what a great post!! My daughter is a preteen and I can’t even picture her dating or going out with friends alone without any supervision.

    I know you want your kids to have freedom and you want them to trust you, but just a spit inch your child will go to the left and can or will cause problems down the line such as rape, pregnancy, and violence. 

    As a teenager, I was never allowed to go out with my friends without any adult supervision.

    I’m happy about this post! not only does it open your eyes to reality but give you a sense of what could happen tomorrow

  7. Henderson says:

    Oh, not a bad one at all here. This topic that you have chosen to discuss is a really sensitive one. Many people do and some don’t believe in letting their kids out in the open. I agree that letting a child date as a teen is very detrimental as the kid will be open to a range of dangers which include that which has to do with sexuality. It is very wrong I must confess. Nice topic, this post is worth sharing.

  8. Todd Matthews says:

    I think it all comes down to parenting, but I think the issue is when a parent tells a kid not to do something, or if someone were to tell anyone not to do something, the natural inclination is to go out and do what we’re not supposed to do. I think at times, and my parents were notorious for this, that fearmongering is involved. “This can happen,” and “that can happen.”

    Again, I don’t think it goes anywhere.

    For me, if I were a parent of a thirteen-year-old or for that matter, a teenager, I would be more likely to instead show them the benefits that comes from waiting to date. I would tell them my own personal story of remaining single not only until my income was sufficient, but earning an income in doing what I love (a career, in other words) was in place. 

    I was talking to two friends today, and we’re all single and between the ages of 25-31. We basically all stated it’s best to remain single, even in our twenties and thirties, until we have everything we need to be taken care of, taken care of. I’m talking most debts, jobs, as I mentioned earlier, and just focusing on ourselves before adding anyone else in. 

    I know there’s temptation involved, but still, it’s best to resist that temptation, focus on yourself, what you want to do for a living, achieve those goals, then date, and don’t worry about what your friends are doing; they’ll thank me in ten years. 

    • Todd,
      Great perspectives.
      That is also how I see things.
      I’m near your generation and also believe it is better to stay single if the career, life plans are not set, income is not sufficient etc.
      My parents also taught me with; This and that could happen.

  9. RoDarrick says:

    Very interesting posts. I would love to leave a comment concerning teenage dating violence. With the evolving world and constant development rate, everything is becoming “norms”. Its really bizarre to encounter such immorality among teens these days. I still find it bemusing how a 13years old would be going on a date drive, what an audacity! Wow. Seriously, I think the parents should be more sensitized on the reasons they should be more careful with their kids to avoid entrusting them into danger.

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