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The Supernatural world is real. Angels, witches, wizards and more are real. However, not everyone can see, hear or feel them. In fact, very few percentage can.  Only he who lives in the spiritual world has the ability to witness the supernatural manifestations. Just because one believes in God, does not mean they will be given this ability; it takes way more for this to occur.  Most people believe God is all about religion but as mentioned in a different article, religion is different than spirituality. God is all about spirituality and its supernatural forces. Once one dispositions their heart as well as their spirit, their spiritual senses may slowly activate.


 There was a beautiful fragrance as I had woken up after a heavy night of seizures.  The Holy Spirit was there and God had sent his angels to camp around me. His presence had left a spiritual mark which was the beautiful aroma in my room. There was no such spray or perfume such as the aroma that slowly within time faded. 


“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12


The spiritual world is filled with spirits floating in the air, archangels and fallen angels fighting for God’s children on earth as well as clean versus unclean spirits. These unclean spirits are known as demons;  spirits such as the spirit of anger,  depression and anxiety. There are  medical illnesses that are actually spiritual such as dementia, lunatic, epilepsy and more. However, only ministries of spiritual deliverance will comprehend this in a congregation.  Just as there are different levels of authorities in the world of business, there are also different levels of spirits in the spiritual world. If one rebukes and is spiritually delivered from a high authority, all its working spirits will fall down with it.  Halloween is a terrible holiday because it is the day that all demons hunt with thirst; hence the  ignorance of the community calls their name the moment they participate in the holiday. This is a darkness versus light daily battle. that only a spiritual  daily warfare prayer can conquer. If more people were to understand this, then there would be less religion and less demonic manifestations.

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  1. Evagreene says:

    Hey Linda! I thought I was the only one thinking in this line until I came across this article. Like I always believe ” The spiritual controls the physical”, also, according to my experience; life becomes more plane when there’s a proper understand of the spiritual world and how it operates. 

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nuttanee says:

    This is such an interesting topic. I consider myself as a superstitious person. Hey! You never know better believe in what makes me happy is my motto lol I feel that it is best to respect something that it cannot be scientifically proven yet. You know just now to cross any… entity? Look at the movie from Stephen King book, poltergeist, isn’t that creepy or what. I do believe in it, period. 

  3. earlofpearl says:

    Hi Linda I so love your blog, this blog is also spiritual as well, we need to read more of this online, what people failed to realize is the demons is every where, a a lot of people is demon poses, what we need to know is that the holy one protects us from these things, if we only believe.
    I certainly will be reading more of your blogs, it is very interesting, and I don’t see anything wrong with it, other than needing to read more.

  4. Jon says:

    I really believe in the supernatural world and I think that there are things in the world that we do not know of but we can feel and get a general gist of when we sit and listen.

  5. Fiona K says:


    Thank you for providing some general information to people on Supernatural world and  spiritual concerns and things that people should know about. l agree with you this is a darkness versus light daily battle. We need to pray and have faith.l am a Christian but not in your level of understanding and seeing the whole spirit. I do believe that with faith we will conquer everything that is working against the word of God. 

    Thank you for sharing another  post once again please keep on teaching us.

    Good luck and stay blessed  

  6. Rhain says:

    I think you’re absolutely right, Linda. The supernatural world is definitely real. I’ve come to realization that in fact, the physical world is a direct manifestation of what goes on in the realm beyond naked eyes. Being religious does not give one the ability to actually witness the happenings of the spiritual realm. I hope to gain more understanding of this. Thanks

  7. Harish says:

    Hey, I enjoy your sweet words on Supernatural World while reading your article. You are doing an amazing work for everyone like me. I know while reading that most people believe God is all about religion but I read in your different article that religion is different than spirituality.
    Finally I am very thankful for you sweet and kind word. Keep them running.

  8. Robert says:

    Well said! As a Born Again Christian many people think I am a very religious person when in reality I am far from religious and more of a spiritual person. I was born and grew up as a Catholic and for the first 26 years of my life sought to be a good religious person to please God. But then a friend I reunited with from high school reintroduced me to Jesus from a spiritual standpoint and I became Born Again. Shortly afterwards I was baptized by the Holy Spirit.

    I can now better understand and see the forces of good and evil. When I read the Bible, that which was once hidden in parables and stories become clearer in the meaning of the message. I see many people who claim to be Christian who are really just saying that because they were told they are, and many times by the forces of the Anti-Christ. Yes, the Holy Spirit has revealed to me who and what the Anti-Christ truly is and now that I know it is clearly obvious.

    The spiritual world is all around us and many people are in tune to it which can be good and bad depending which side they choose to follow. Even those who choose to follow the righteous loving path will constantly be attacked by the forces of evil. But for those who live by the teachings of Christ and especially walk in the Love that the apostle Paul so often preached, we have the weapon of God’s word, the protection of Jesus Christ, and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

  9. Francis Kotze says:

    Hi Linda. Yes, we are fighting a battle that can’t be seen. We are indeed fighting against supernatural forces. That much is clear from the Bible. But, have faith, Jesus already overcame and won! It is our duty to engage in spiritual warfare every day, praying over our houses, family, governments and jobs. I also agree with you on the subject of halloween. Sadly, lots of believers engage with this thinking its just innocent fun for the children. As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord and have no part in this. 

  10. Jon says:

    Thank you for providing some general information to people on spiritual concerns and things that people should know but do not. I am spiritually sensitive and my family thinks im crazy when it is simply they are the ones that cannot see or hear what is truly going on in the underworld.

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