Spirituality is the root of  biblical teachings but very few people are taught this. Most teach religion when in reality, religion is not what the bible was intended for. Religion was created by mankind; not God. There is a difference between Religion and Spirituality. It is thanks to spirituality that Jesus and his disciples healed people, prayed, spoke tongues  and had visions.

Spiritual World

If you read Supernatural World, you learned that the spiritual world is real. Spirits are demons and unfortunately,  we all have them in us. There is not one single person on earth that doesn’t.  It is up to us to be spiritually delivered from them. In this page, you will learn about spirituality itself as well as the different type of spirits the spiritual world contains; both good and bad. The good belong to light and honey while the bad belong to darkness and warmwood .  Unfortunately, everyone knows there is good and bad but few know how to distinguish it all. Only he who has discernment can achieve this.