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  1. Mattias says:

    Hello ! You are spot in with this article again that I feel like sharing it with every one on my contact list. Being in a relationship is not a matter of just being in a relationship, it is about proving it to each other that the other person is truly worthy by working diligently towards each other’s happiness.Ii agree with you that meeting place and how we let love develop matters and should not strictly be in lust. It should be about sacrificing for each other to ensure that love thrives.

  2. Dave Sweney says:

    This was an interesting way to put together an article on the subjects of singleness, courtship, and marriage. I do not believe I have run across such a layout for a post, and I found it almost like an adventure as I explored each area by clicking on each link that you included.

    In these days when there is so much conflicting information on all three subjects, I found this article to be a refreshing piece that was full of solid advice. In all three of these stages we go through in life there are some basic questions that we can ask ourselves that can help demystify the feelings we may be having.

    Anyone who is asking themselves about one or more of these important areas of our life will be well-served to spend some time on this post and working through their own feelings and perhaps through the feelings of a potential life-long partner. Thanks for this provocative and useful post.