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  1. This was an interesting way to put together an article on the subjects of singleness, courtship, and marriage. I do not believe I have run across such a layout for a post, and I found it almost like an adventure as I explored each area by clicking on each link that you included.

    In these days when there is so much conflicting information on all three subjects, I found this article to be a refreshing piece that was full of solid advice. In all three of these stages we go through in life there are some basic questions that we can ask ourselves that can help demystify the feelings we may be having.

    Anyone who is asking themselves about one or more of these important areas of our life will be well-served to spend some time on this post and working through their own feelings and perhaps through the feelings of a potential life-long partner. Thanks for this provocative and useful post.   

  2. Hello there. I read your article about dating online. In this day and age where most people have busy schedules and don’t have time to meet, dating online can help. But as with everything, online dating is a tool that can be misused but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.

    As more people want to work from home and make money online. online dating will have more value (well it has already) in the future.

    I also read about the types of love and i agree with the definitions. Falling in love can be translated as “falling in lust” at least at first. You see a person, you like his/ her appearance and some behaviour you know about him/her, but that doesn’t mean you love her/him. That will reveal itself in the future (if the relationship still lasts).

    Well about the Fellowship is Love article. They are similar but not the same. Fellowship is a union where one helps each other as much as he/she can. Love is uncondinally helping others without benefit, with sacrifice even of your own life.

    Very good set of articles. Good job. Have a nice day.

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