Seven Realities of GOD

There are Seven Realities of God one must know

  1. God Works 

God works in each and everyone of us. Whether we believe or not; he works in us in mysterious ways. One way he works in each of us is by creating us, forming us and transforming us into better beings. The issue is that people don’t see his work due to lack of communication.  There are Seven Realities of God one must know; this is the first.

2. A relationship with God

Creating a relationship with GOD is up to us. A total individual step. It is a step made by individual decision and all it takes is dispositioning your heart; desiring to better your life and placing faith in it. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

3. The invitation

God invites us to meet him. How? We can meet him within our spirit, and let someone speak to us about him.(Just as you are reading right now).  The door is always available; the problem is that we peple don’t know how to enter the door.

4. God speaks in 10 different ways; Through:


         – Wise counsel



-Dreams and visions

-Our thoughts



-The bible

-A whisper


5. Confidence crisis

3 questions to confirm:

Is it lining up with the bible?

Does Godly Counsel Agree?

Is peace Reigning in your Heart

We all go through a confidence crisis towards both God and ourselves. Don’t forget you can always test God when you are not sure of him.

6. Adjustments

seven realities of God

We must make Life adjustments; some tweaking here and there. For instance, change in music, wardrobe, movies, taste of friends, stop smoking or drinking.

7. Obedience & Experience

The journey and blessings initiates after obedience. This is where one walks according to the purpose we have on earth; evenif you yet do not know it; you will eventually find it out.

10 Responses

  1. MissusB says:

    God is everything. All beings are interconnected because of Him who made us all. Even if we don’t see Him, we can feel His presence through prayers and reflection. Our faith binds us to be close to Him; answer when He calls. There may be times when I neglect my duties as as a faithful servant, become a disobedient daughter or,  sometimes go astray from His path but He always welcome me with open arms, and I always come back to Him. Spreading His good words is one of our responsibilities as faithful believers. This is why I always feel glad whenever I read your inspirational posts about God. May we have our own ways of spreading spirituality just like you do. For this, i thank you with all my heart.

  2. Russ Green says:

    Thank you for sharing this thought provoking article, in my opinion there are too many people that only seek God during times of desperation or grief and I have to confess that I have done this in the past, but that was when I was much younger and much more happy go lucky, however, I now find myself living alone, I have lost my parents, my wife and I never had any children, my life isn’t so happy go lucky these days and I do find comfort in God, thank you again for sharing. 

  3. Jones says:

    I really appreciate you for this helpful post, I’ve been really blessed by its content about the seven realities of God and I’ve been able to know God better. I believe this article will help me straighten my relationship with God and also help me to understand the beauty of God. I don’t really pray that often before but this post have shown me that God Is really working, its just the communication gap that makes it looks as if he isn’t. This is a very lovely, divine and educating post, thanks for impacting this, God bless

  4. Ibrahim says:

    I have a difficult relationship with God.  I was born in a Muslim household and if you actually look at Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic beliefs you realize they are all cut from the same cloth.  

    I admire people who are religious who talk the talk and walk the walk.  The ones I have a problem with are the ones who claim to be holier than thou but are quite literally the worst human beings on earth.  They will throw the Bible at you and cherry pic what rules they want to follow while ignoring others.  People of all religions do this.

    I wouldn’t call myself an atheist but I am not religious.  There is a version of Christianity that might hold my interest and there is no book involved.  If I’m not mistaken, Jesus never wrote a book, but died for all humanity’s sins.  He wanted us to live our lives to be good people and that’s all there is to it.  What do you think?

    • Ibrahim, Jesus did not write the bible himself; as in by hand. However, the bible was written through people and was guided through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit told them what to write. The Holy Spirit is Jesus Spirit; therefore, in the end, Jesus did write it.

  5. RoDarrick says:

    Such a well written post on the realities of God. Everything written here are spot on and I know God works in miraculous ways even in ways we can never figure out as humans. However, I noticed something while reading on where you stated that, when we are unsure of God’s existence, we can always test him. Is it good to put God into test? And if it is, can it be done for personal gains? 

    Thanks in anticipation

    • Hello there RoDarrick,
      It is fine top place Him to the test; as long as it isn’t for a selfish or beneficial reason.
      For instance; “Lord, I will tithe if you make me millionaire.” that type.
      However, if there is a sacrifice involved; then it is ok. For instance, let’s say you have no job and must supply needs but are willing to give something up to receive that income. “Lord, I ask you to please give me the employment I need to supply formy family; I will tithe if you do. Hence, I never did before.” The point is, your part must be accomplished as well; you must keep your work.

  6. flowstash says:

    Thank you for writing this inspiring, divine, spiritual post. This has reminded me about the beauty of God, who he is, what he means to us, and his relationship that he holds with me and all my close loved ones. From now on I will make sure to pray more before meals and before bed so as to better maintain my relationship with Him. Again, thank you very nuch for making this post.


  7. Anthony Hu says:

    Thanks for the post, which helps me understanding God better. I agree with you that God works in each and everyone of us and lead us in mysterious ways. I am currently working on my online business, which is certainly under God’s guidance. I am major on Biology. Few years ago, I could not image that I could create my own website, SEO, and email marketing etc. God guide me and help me finding all the tools to create online business relevant stuff. God want me to do this, since he knows that I could create more value for human beings. 

    I pray daily and ask God for guidance. I always hear the God’s voice, keep the good work and help more people. I feel confident that God help me step by step to create a successful online business.

    It is kind of you sharing God’s powerful message with us. 

  8. Ropata says:

    That was a warming write on the realities of God. I know he is working on me, and I do feel he has great things to include me in his work, and I am trying very hard to open up all channels available to communicate with him. 

    It is hard from being bound from the conformity in the world, but I do believe he is releasing me from this one step at a time.:)

    Thank You Rob Nz 

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