Physical healing vs Spiritual healing

Physical healing vs Spiritual healing

There are so many doctors and so many illness out there! Why do people suffer? Why do people die? So many questions, so little time. So, there are different types of medicines and different types of specialists. Could there be only one cure instead of thousands? Let’s find out. Hehehe, you already know there are many cures! However, let’s look at the different types of healing out there.

Physical healing

Physical healing is known as having an illness or as others call it; medical diagnostic. It is the main type of illness people know in order to need “healing”. When it’s a medical condition, medication, doctors, specialists and treatments are required; as any logical person already knows. However, prayer is a plus and is very effective as well.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing is healing of the spirit. One may not be physically ill but every single person on earth needs spiritual healing. Healing of the spirit, soul and mind. As mentioned in other articles; people have iniquities. Iniquity is a chain of sins or past mistakes that had no repentance and were passed on from generation to generation the moment one was conceived. Let’s break down spirit soul and mind to elaborate on spiritual healing.

Breaking it down

Everyone has a spirit which is part of the soul. The soul is like a land and the spirit is like a building on the land. The mind is the soul. Everything is connected and everything relates and narrows down to spiritual healing. Everything initiates in the mind. From the mind, it goes to the heart which leads to the soul. For example; negative thoughts(mind) makes someone sad(emotions-heart-soul) and sadness goes to the spirit which turns into spirit of depression. Let’s try a positive example; Assuming one is crushing on someone. She must be excited therefore joyful. She is dating this person so he is in her thoughts. (mind) The more she thinks of him, the more she crushes on him(heart-soul) then she ends up with spirit of love or lust.  This depends on the path she chooses.

Let’s view some spiritual healing now. Scenario: A female was sexually abused. Therefore, she has pain in her spirit, soul, mind and sometimes even physical with STD’s and such things. Placing the physical illness aside, we are left with the spirit, soul and mind. So how does this work again? Her mind is full of flashback scenes. Therefore, those flashbacks hurt and go to her soul. Therefore, her spirit becomes depressed, anxious, oppressed and afraid. So how does she end up? She ends up with some of these descriptions as a spirit itself. She ends up with spirit of depression, spirit of anxiety, spirit of oppression and spirit of fear. What happens next? She is most likely to need mental help such as a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist.


This is how people end up with these kind of specialists; because they did not take care of the spiritual side. So, it’s not a mental illness. It’s a combination of unhealthy spirits in the soul. This is how it Works. Now, if you ask me if it’s bad to go to these specialists; it depends. It is highly recommended to attend a spiritual clinic which is mostly found inside of a congregation given by a disciple. Few people actually do this. When I say clinic, I mean ministry so it is more likely to seek an authority figure.  I’m sure you don’t want to. Sometimes we must go out of our ways to take care of our loved ones. Therefore, I ask you; Are you willing to go out of your way to take care of yourself? The outcome of not doing spiritual healing is that one will only worsen.

Note:  Some physical conditions initiate because there is no spiritual healing. 

Physical-able to view
Spiritual-able to perceive

Feel free to ask questions…….

13 Responses

  1. Russ Green says:

    This is such an interesting post which of course concerns and includes us all we all have a spiritual and a physical side and of course we all get ill from time to time, I do however believe that the spiritual side of us can heal the physical side of us, we just need to look at placebos  and the way they work, if your mind believes that something is going to cure you, you will be cured, however the physical can’t heal the spiritual side, thank you for sharing this interesting and thought provoking post.  

  2. Dane says:

    Wow, must tell you this topic is one to look into deeply. The spiritual life of someone is the most importantly life anyone should make sure is intact. Because the bible says the manifestation of the physical is the reflection of the spiritual. So in this case, the one we are to be concerned about is the spiritual. Nice being here.

  3. Pentrental says:

    This is a great topic, physical vs. spiritual healing. Both are really important and often take time. I agree that in addition to treatments prayer can be a way to recover from physical ailments. Your process is really fascinating going from mind to heart to soul, and with abuse it may take some extra help as with a therapist, psychologist and psychiatrist. Thank you for a spiritual clinic over a clinical one as I do agree as well. I’ll be sharing this with some friends who might benefit.

  4. nasrin19 says:

    Your article is an awakening to me and I offer my thanks. This is a unique and informative article I must say. I liked that you have chosen such a topic. You can’t imagine life without faith and hope. Both are really important and often take time. I agree that in addition to treatments prayer can be a way to recover from physical ailments. Your process is really fascinating going from mind to heart to soul, and with abuse, it may take some extra help as with a therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist. I will keep all of your words in mind.

    Thank you for writing such an amazing article.

  5. Baraka says:

    Dear Linda

    This is an excellent article. It is very educative and reminds us of many important things that we do not give priority. The idea behind Spiritual Healing is very interesting. I agree with you that spiritual healing is very important to all of us. Thank you very much and all the best.


  6. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi, Linda.
    Spiritual healing always creates confusion to the masses with physical healing .Thanks for your informative article to unfold the mystery.
    There is always a time when very ill person declared non-curable by the medicine surrenders his fate to the unknown superpower and like a miracle gets improvement. We have enormous examples of this kind of spiritual healing.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  7. Chloe says:

    A really nice topic this is I must say. Looking at these things, i believe they are inter woven kind of. This is because God has promised to take care of our need/problems. So if someone has a real and strong spiritual life, it would help you understand that you have no control over our physical problems and its God who can handle it, thats how physical healing would be achieved.
    Now looking at spiritual healing, one has to be in a good state of mind and health for them to be able to achieve spiritual healing. Take for example a sick man who doesn’t have a good spiritual life. He would need good health to be able to get that aspect right. My opinion, Thanks for sharing.

    • Linda Monserrat says:

      Chloe, The spiritual world controls the physical world. Therefore, those who are spiritually strong due to their relationship with God; do have the control over the physical world. In fact, even an unbeliever has the control over their own life. The bible says the tongue curses or blesses.Meaning, if one speaks fruit, one brings prosperity over their life as opposed to one who speaks negative and brings illness. Therefore, on must have a good spiritual life to overcome their physical state. 

  8. Tracy says:

    Like they say, spirituality is directly connected with the physical and whatever we display in the physical is a result of our spiritual life. Healing spiritually requires coming to peace with God and seeking His help thtough prayer. Your article us really spot on and it is indeed informative and insightful. Also, physical healing requires visiting specialists to seek physical treatment but when it comes to healing spiritually, it takes more than just the physical help from a NY specialists. It requires the help of God majorly. Thanks

  9. Jones says:

    Wow, this is really interesting. I had a long conversation about this topic with my brother sometimes last year and we matched it all together, reading this article has given a clear insight of what physical healing and spiritual healing is and what they entails. I’ll say the most important is spiritual healing, I’m not implying that physical healing is not good. But we just have to try and picture what life will be without faith and without hope. Your article is a very informative one and I really love it.

  10. grea8J says:

    Good reminder for us to cater to our souls.  I particularly like your accurate description of the spirit being a part of the soul. Most people would wrongly rather say it’s the soul that you have in the spirit. 

    Most people might look physically healthy but that doesn’t exonerate them from needing spiritual healing. Someone who said she can forgive but never forget for example, obviously need spiritual healing as she is seen still keeping malice.

    Thanks for the awakening article.

  11. Dr. Baker says:

    Very interesting article. I have seen numerous times where miraculous healing that is unexplainable occurs. I feel that this ties in to that spiritual healing and faith, along with the power of prayer. Our minds have so much power over our bodies. We all know that physical healing aids our health most of the time. But… for that mental/emotional pain, I feel that the power of spiritual healing is much greater. Thank you!

  12. Sondra M says:

    Linda, this is a very interesting, thought provoking post about the differences between physical healing and spiritual healing.  I certainly believe that spiritual healing is important.   I can not imagine life without faith and hope.   

    At the same time, I think that some people are so hurt or they have some sort of physical  imbalance that requires the attention of a specialist.  Some cases of depression are an example.   That said, spiritual healing and health should go hand in hand with physical healing and health.    

    May you be filled with grace and peace

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