People say no church

People say no to Church

There are various reasons why people say no to church. Many people do not attend church because they do not believe in GOD and usually react with; “How can you believe in something you cannot see?” Also, a reason why many people believe in idols made of wood and steel such as “Bud-ah”. It seems easier for society to place their faith in something they can visually see and touch. However, faith is believing what one yet cannot see and God is all about faith.                    

  I have my own God that I can see.
If you can’t see, then don’t believe.
Pastors want your money.
We don’t need church.

Bible concept

People unfortunately have the concept that the “Bible” has been changed over and over again. However, it is partly true . Yes, it has been rewritten for different people to comprehend it. However, the vocabulary and definitions remain the same. Give me a bible verse that you believe says different things and I will prove to you otherwise. Many bible verses use a specific biblical vocabulary compared to our daily vocabulary. However, the meaning remains the same. The main reason why people don’t comprehend the scripture when they try reading it hence, it sounds gibberish; is because it is not read as words. It is not read as one reads a book but its read through the spirit. If you want to start reading the Bible, I suggest you start with the book of Proverbs.

It’s just a matter of looking into it.

Somethpeople say no to churching one needs to keep in mind is that the “church” and the “congregation” are two separate and totally different things. The “church” are the people attending the service and the “congregation” is the building where the service takes place. The church is like a very ill hospital filled with injured souls; viewing it from the spiritual side. Each soul needs spiritual healing which will only be found in the Word of GOD.

Perspectives and Dominations

Authority has become a great issue among non-believers. Every denomination has a different bias within Christianity.  For instance, Catholics emphasize on the Virgin Mary which was Christ mother. However, the scripture contains many characters and the primary one was not her; but Jesus Christ.Other denominations focus on Baptizing and exclude the  Supernatural part. As others focus on the Pentecostal and ignore the day of Sabbath. Point is; a denomination means “to dominate” which is “emphasizing” and this is not what God  intended. This divides his word and makes up religions which brings up  the common “You’re wrong and I’m right. “Therefore, nonbelivers no longer know what to believe. 

Live the Word

Most people preach, evangelize or call themselves believers yet do not follow the word themselves. All obedience is rewarded through blessings. One should not be one way at the service and a different way outside service. We shall always remain the same, inside and out. It is not about putting on a show. It is easier for a believer to be a rock in nonbeliever’s life; a rock where they will trip. 



The majority who do believe in GOD but do not attend service, rather be on their own. The scripture does say to congregate; but many people rather go solitaire. By “Congregate” it is meaning to “gather together”. The scripture also talks about “I can do everything in Christ who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13). Meaning  they need to learn by an authority figure, not on their own. Look at it this way; doesn’t a business have a manager? Didn’t that manager go through some type of process to learn its teachings? It is the same with learning the Gospel. Doesn’t a business have a leader? It’s the same thing within the things of God. Allow yourselves to be discipled.


A young 27-year-old male once said, “I’m connected to GOD and I see church as a way to have trouble with a constant connection.” An older 65-year-old male also once said, “I don’t need to go to church because all they want is to butt into people’s business. They have nothing better to do.” However, it’s all on how one interprets things. It’s not about caring what others say or do; it’s about serving our One all Mighty and cleansing ourselves for our own well being. Don’t allow people’s actions interfere with your own life. You go to church to serve and seek the Lord; not to seek gossip and serve mankind.


The most common reason why people don’t like to attend church is because of those 5 minutes where one gives money. Nobody truly understands what this is about until once get involved and serves the Lord. Even like this; it takes true discipleship to understand this one. This is called the “Tithe”; used for rent, supplies, maintenance etc. In reality, few are the pastors who get paid. The scripture does command us to Tithe in Genesis 28:20. Unfortunately due to the disobedience of the world, its meaning has been lost. Tithing is not about the amount of money one gives but how one gives it to Him. Yes, the scripture does say the tenth percent as it shall be. Though one shall trust in the Lord that he shall provide.

“If God will be with me and will keep me in this way that I go,  and will give me bread to eat and clothing to wear, so that I come again to my father’s house in peace, then the Lord shall be my God, and this stone, which I have set up for a pillar, shall be God’s house. And of all that you give me I will give a full tenth to you.”

Genesis 28:20  

A penny is more worthy coming from a humble heart than one thousand dollars coming from a selfish heart.

Yet they sleep

Others tend to believe it is simply boring and tend to fall asleep during service. This is very common. It is usually a spirit of opression that takes over to exclude the individual from hearing the word.  When there are no fruits of the spirit, there is no revelation as well. Revelation is needed to comprehend all message concept that is being preached. He that does not believe in Him may test Him, but not with a selfish heart. And He who tests Him from an overwhelming weight within their life, will see how great he is. H who seeks Him, will eventually find Him. 

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  1. Fran says:

    Interesting post.  Here’s a question I had early on:  I thought the church was the building where services were held and the congregation the people who attend.  However,  you have reversed these two definitions. I don’t understand how they can be reversed.  Please explain.

    I used to attend church regularly, but since moving to Alaska, I have lived in some remote places where there was no church.  In these instances, I have found places in nature that are very special to me, and I go to these and pray or ask questions.  I believe in the quiet of nature the answer can often be heard, better than in the noisy outer world.

  2. Ropata says:

    Interesting Article Linda, I have a staunch attitude about not attending church mainly from my own make up and witness to what I believe as opposite. I’m still learning as much as asking God for his answers. 

    But from what I know “Jesus” didn’t speak of Church as to how it is seen in the world we live in, which could be a subconscious why people say no to church?.

    Church and Religions have been used and abused for many generations to conquer and manipulate the people as it has been described throughout the bible. And would only be a Church that does amazing things by doing the work instructed by God that would get my full attention….

    Thank you 

    and may god Bless us with his Holy Spirit each day:)

    Regards Rob NZ

  3. Sondra M says:

    Nice article.    Lately I have been saddened by the number of people that I meet that  choose not to attend church because they are disillusioned with some church members behavior.    People who say one thing but then act in a very immoral or unethical way.    Everyone sins and makes mistakes.   No one is perfect.  

    My personal recommendation is for someone to consider attending a different church if too many members in a given church are so hypocritical that you do not want to attend.    If people will take the time to visit different churches, they might be able for find their church home.   The place they feel like they belong.     

    May your week be filled with grace and peace.  

  4. MissusB says:

    God is the Holiest of all, He is not a mere human being but the Supreme Creator of everything in the Universe. One doesn’t have to see Him face to face for His love dwells in our hearts. It saddens me that Christian beliefs are being compromise because of those who doubts and spreads malicious intent to ruin the faith. We need the church and her ecclesiastical community to deepen our faith in Him altogether. 

    We were given a command to love God above all. Our endless faith in Him reassures us that we will be given an eternal life. Yes, we will die but our spirit will be rewarded with eternal life along with the father. Thanks for sharing these words to ponder. I hope it can reach out to many people. May your wisdom be aided with the Holy Spirit.

  5. Chuck says:

    I think everyone has beliefs. I have beliefs now and I used to have different beliefs, at all different times of my life. I usually have a hard time with someone believing something different than me. I think some beliefs are invalid and that may be true in some cases. 

    I have tried to change people’s beliefs and for some reason it’s hard. Even if I have a compelling reason for them to believe something, or some kind of appeal to emotions. When people believe something it is hard to get them to believe something different.

    I think all you can do is enjoy your own beliefs. Try to share your beliefs with like minded people instead of people who think differently. If being exposed to certain beliefs upsets you then try to avoid that. Just do the best you can, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. I think you’re a very talented writer and website designer that’s for sure. 

  6. Chloe says:

    Lots and lots of people get loch today out of the ignorance of what they have heard and didn’t make findings on their own. Some people refuses to go to church because they have heard a wrong message from someone who had a left the church because if misinterpreted messaged and lastly some because of struggling faith. However I believe getting better understanding of the church would go a long way to seeing reasons we should actaully go to church.

  7. Tracy says:

    Hmm! Nice distinction you have dine up here between a church and a congregation. Due to the evolvements of the world and the various development going on, people are immersed by the shinny objects of this world and as such, going to church has become an issue for them. God knows his people and knowing fully well tat you need to visit tgd lot at least every Sunday you should tell him thank you. Thanks

  8. Stella says:

    Saying there is no God is a wierd statement. Well, some people are frustrated after seeing that, what their pastors are saying doesn’t reflect on their character. I just heard about a wierd character case from a religious leaders. All these are enough to turn a fragile mind upside down. Bible now have different versions extremely different from the old testament version.  Even many people that doesn’t know a way to the church are seen to be more spiritual than those that do go to regular Virgil. With that experience, many believe in being spiritual than being religious. 

    But on the other hand, I don’t think that is the best action to take. I think where majority fails is their deep believe in the religious leaders. If we have  deep believe in the creator and his book, things will go the way we want. I love reading this kind of inspiring article. Good bless you.

    • Stella,
      You have made great points here.
      This leads me to the article I wrote “Religion vs Spiritually”. This is exactly what it is about.
      The thing is that people have become legalistic and there is a fine line between legalistic and liberal.
      Also, denominations means to “dominate” hence, not what God intended.

  9. 207Connie says:

    I agree less people are going to church. Everyone is such  a hurry now a days they say they don’t have the time. The world has become so commercialized as well. That maybe preventing people too. Tithing too is important as you said I enjoyed the article. Kept up with the articles.

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