Obedience Rewarded


The initiative

Many years ago, a young boy of 16 had decided to leave home because his father was too poor to support him any longer. So, the day came…he left home with all his worldly possessions in a bundle dangling from his hand, resolving as he journeyed, to set up in business as a soap maker in New York.


Remembering the last words of his mother and also the godly advice given him by the captain of a canal boat, the youth dedicated his life to God, determining to return to his Maker an honest tithe of every dollar he earned.

The Obedience

So, when his first dollar came in, he dedicated ten cents of it to the Lord. This he continued to do. And the dollars rolled in! Soon this young man became partner in a soap business; and when his partner died a few years later, he became sole owner of the business.

Financial Blessings

The prosperous businessman instructed his bookkeeper to open an account with the Lord and to credit to it one tenth of all his income. The business grew miraculously. The honest businessman now dedicated two-tenths of his earnings; and then three-tenths, four-tenths; and finally, five-tenths. It seemed as if his sales increased in exact proportion to his generosity, so that soon his brand of soap became a household word throughout the world. His name? William Colgate, of the famed Colgate Palmolive Company.

The Lesson

William Colgate learned something others have learned and some have never learned, and it is that God rewards faithfulness and sacrificial giving. It is with the idea that when we do give, God will give us more than we have given. Not only will He give in order to supply our personal needs, but in addition, He will give over and above in order that we might give again: PLEASE NOTE: II Corinthians 9:6-15 (Vs. 8), ‘‘And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.’’


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5 Responses

  1. jessie palaypay says:

    I have always found an element of truth to give then you shall receive statement. It’s been a lot harder for me to put into practice lately because of a lack of money rolling in. 

    I feel like coming to your site has reminded me to have faith and to start giving again. Although I hope my heart is doing it without expecting to receive.

    • Linda says:

      Oh, I totally get what you are saying!

      I like to give without receiving anything in return.

      What helps me is thinking of the hardest times in which I  thanked GOD with gratitude (things that have nothing to do with money) and stay focused on that. nce this becomes a habit, he does the rest. 

  2. Jesse Wahl says:

    Great post..I was so happy when I stumbled upon this site! In fact it brought me great joy and felt it was a wink from God!

    God radically changed my life four years ago when His liquid love came over me one night and I cried for a couple hours. From that moment on I knew God was good and was for me and I gave my life to Him.

    I was more of an atheist before that and if I did believe in God, I did not like Him. After this experience, that mindset changed!

    Eight months after He spoke to me clearly about going to ministry school in Redding, CA and have been there since. So many great things have happened here since and been the best decision of my life to come here!

    The Lord really spoke to me about prosperity and generosity last year. I read many books on it and has changed my outlook on it. I give much more generously now because I know He is a good Father! He wants us to bless people and He wants to bless us in return!

    I just love Him and Lindy know that you are changing people and going to continue to change people through your website as well as just the people you invest into each and every day!

    Question: What have been your favorite books/scripture on giving and generosity!

    Blessings & Grace!,


  3. Bibian says:

    Wow that is some captivating post you got there it really touched. I do used colgate product but I never knew the owner has this inspiring background. But there is nothing greater than having faith in God and showing love to humanity. Nothing beats that. I really love your site, I think I will bookmark it for future use.
    Great post once again

  4. Michael Gore says:

    I myself believe in sharing and giving, though maybe not in the same way as you, or indeed the church. Please don’t take offense to that.

    Sacrificial giving can come in many forms, not only monetary means. Helping someone out with a project that you personally don’t want to do for example.

    I do this regularly. I love helping people, I just don;t always want to do what they ask of me.

    Gratitude for one’s own life and recognition of one’sown shortcomings I think are also a form of giving.

    Only upon reflection of how much better we may have it than a neighbor can we appreciate life. This is something I am coming to learn; I don’t have much, but I have a lot more than some people, not least a family who loves me.

    Thanks for the reminder. I will indeed try to be a little more charitable with both finance, material and time.

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