4 thoughts on “FAITH

  1. Beautiful website! You bring up some very interesting subject matter. I was particularly drawn to the section on worry vs. faith. I used to be a big worrier, myself. Faith has led me to feel differently about all that now. I feel I’ve been given sufficient ability to fix most of my problems, so there’s not much point in worrying about them anymore. If it’s something I can’t do anything about, then I just pray and brace myself. After all, if something bad happens, maybe it’s because there’s a valuable lesson there. In any case, worrying is futile.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful site! It is so inviting and in sharing what faith can do to a person and to strive to give God all our worries and anxieties and he will deliver us and love us through anything that we go through!

    I am looking forward to reading all that you have written. I will come back for more!

    God Bless you!


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