Meaning behind love

Meaning behind love

If you read my blogs, you’ll find one called Types of Love. Lovely to read as well. This blog however, talks about the meaning behind love. How does someone know when it’s true love? Interesting question; isn’t it? The scripture says,
” Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; 5 does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;  does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. (1Corinthians 13:4-7) Let’s go over this verse, shall we?

• Love is patient-is your partner patient?
• love is kind-Is your partner kind?
• It does not envy-Is your partner jealous?
• it does not boast-Is your partner gloating about you?
• it is not proud-Is there pride in your relationship?
• It does not dishonor others-Does your partner disrespect you?
• it is not self-seeking-Are you seeking to be loved?
• it is not easily angered-Is there domestic violence?
• it keeps no record of wrongs-Is there resentment?
• Love does not delight in evil – Is there malicious within the relationship?
• but rejoices with the truth-Is there truth out in the open?
• It always protects-Do you feel protected or with fear?
• always trusts-Is trust unquestionable?
• always hopes-Are you looking forward to the next day?
• always perseveres-Are you thinking of giving up or fight for the relationship?

We don’t always fall in love. Sometimes we find something so satisfying that we believe it is love. It is so suitable that we don’t want to let go. Or we find something similar to what we want and when it goes south, we want those 24 hours back. However, what one usually believes was there; was never there to begin with. Go over each bullet and ask yourself those questions. Is it love or is it lust; or are you just settling with what you have? Is it a “find me to keep me” or is it a “I’m passing by”? What type of relationship do you truly want? What type of relationship are you trapped in? Be honest to yourself. There is no point in lying in the mirror.

“I once thought it was love. However, after analyzing each bullet, I came to realize that I have never experienced such precious thing. I came to see that love is a decision; not an emotion. You cannot be emotional about a person all the time. That is not love. You decide whom to love, whom to be with, whom to marry. It’s all about being wise in your decision. Don’t make the mistake many of us make. It’s not about a pretty doll face and some sweet words.”


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  1. Brandon says:

    I think this is true. A lot of teenagers get into relationships and think they love each other more than the world. However, this quickly turns into a train wreck after a couple of years and they believed they were actually in love, when they were only satisfied with each other and clearly mistaken. This is a good article and an eye opener, thank you. Sharing now.

  2. Juan Saladin says:

    God is Love.

    After saying that, and recognizing that our Lord doesn’t have a name (We insist in calling him somehow, but there’s no name to describe Him as He personally told Moises face to face). As hard it would be to come with a full description of God it will also be to come with a description of love 

    The closest we could get (in my opinion) to the purest form of love if when feeling it for own children.

    Thanks for sharing a great reflection about love with us in this post! 

  3. Paul says:

    Dear Linda,

    The meaning behind love and types of love are my favorite posts from your collections. I still remember the insights you gave about “Agape”.

    By GODS grace I do part-time ministry and I preach a lot of things I learned from your articles. That barber story is an amazing one (We need to come to LORD so that he can clean us).

    Love is the fundamental and basic thing. Building broken relationships is the biggest and vital task. (The saddest thing is many broken their relationship with GOD itself).

    Thanks for the Great inspiring posts! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others.

    GOD Bless!

  4. Pablo says:

    I agree with what you decide regarding the decision to love.

    Throughout the world, many people are unaware of this: that love is a decision. They get married while in love and believe that they will spend the rest of their lives (I am convinced that many can get to have it as the first day), but what happens with that that love is more than a feeling …?

    Some are turned off early, a couple of years have passed and it has already declined; others have a much longer crush, but at some point they all fade. Why? Simply because our emotions change constantly.

    For most people, love is fire. It is that exorbitant passion, that immense desire that we feel when we are in the stage of falling in love, that makes us creative, makes us look more beautiful, motivates us to do anything for the loved one; apart from that it is romantic and all the things we already know that complement what love is.

    I believe that true love begins after this stage … that it is also beautiful!

    I really like to articulate about this. Love is always an exciting topic


  5. Enrique says:

    Hi, Linda,

    What a lovely post! I remember this verse from Scripture quite well. I was first introduced to it when I was in school (I attended a Christian school). I have never forgotten it.

    I think love is quite complex. Sometimes we are deceived by what we see in movies and series. The consequence is we suffer unnecessarily. We confuse love with passion and other emotions. In the end, we feel frustrated because everything went wrong.

    Love is not perfect. After all, what is perfect in life? But we have to work hard to improve it. What matters is realizing we can always do better.

    Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more from you.

  6. Benny says:

    Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. love is an expression of affection, accompained with passion, put into action, shown to someone who seems to be the only one. that is my definition of love. thanks for this post

  7. C says:

    Oh what a lovely article! Love is a big word and used in so many different contexts. I was watching one movie and the word love seemed to make me cringe a little. Perhaps it was too mushy. I don’t use the word love that much myself. In my family it was kind of customary to say “love you” when saying goodnight or goodbye, including on the phone. 

    Once i was in a relationship and I felt very moved to say “I love you”. The person said “I love you” in return. That was nice and felt okay. Maybe that will happen again someday. 

    Your article got me thinking a lot about the word love. I appreciate your insights on the subject. Thanks!

  8. RoDarrick says:

    Love is unconditional and not based on a benefit or anything. Even emotion is just a subsect of love and not a total entirity of love. Love is bigger then us and a decision we take is what will determine how and who we love. I agree with you on the bullets you have pointed out here. Great article from you.
    I really learnt a lot through this article and have seen another part to love. Thanks

  9. Peter says:

    The L word is used in so many ways in today’s world, not always the way it was originally intended. The way you have described love is almost like a check list. Though I am sure this isn’t your intention, they are a great guide should you be doubting your feelings. 

    Love is not necessarily visible. Though love does exist and I do believe it is a feeling. Like kicking your toe, you don’t feel the pain all the time. Love doesn’t have to be felt all the time to exist. Love is a feeling you get when that feeling is mutually shared.

  10. iToLing says:

    Thank you for sharing the bullet point notes from the bible verse… It makes it easier to process! Have been to the dark side of so called love. We do agree with you to a certain extent that true love is a decision. For us, it has never been much about looks as looks can fade. It is more about mutually agreed upon principles upon we live our life. Honesty, integrity, and more importantly… VALUE systems… ie. We are into personal development and devotion to attaining sadhana. We are into service to humanity. We are into sacred communion with child like awe. We are into music, dance, art, communication, expression, respect. We have our opposing qualities…ie. one is more extroverted than the other… one is more enthused about certain things than the other… but we are OPEN to being FLEXIBLE and OPEN to COMPROMISE… When it comes down to it.. without RESPECT, there is no relationship on any level… We will most likely enjoy reading your other blogs… short and sweet and timely!

  11. Charles says:

    Thank you so much for this content, I really find the tips interesting, I think that version of the scripture which you quoted has really explained everything about love, it is quite unfortunate that people often mistake emotion for love in our present world. I think love has more to offer more than affection or emotion hence I agree with your points.

  12. Sondra M says:

    Linda, thinking about 1Corinthians 13:4-7 reminds me of a sermon that I heard once that said to replace the word “Love” with Jesus name.   Jesus is patient.  Jesus is kind.  Jesus does not envy.  Jesus does not boast.  So on.      

    We can not change our partners.   The most we can do is ask and to pray.  Yet we can change our attitudes.     Maybe, when we are unhappy or dissatisfied, we should be asking, “Am I patient?  Am I kind?  Do I envy?  Do I boast?   So on.    

    Too many times, if we are honest with ourselves, the problem is us.   We make ourselves being unhappy because we the ones that are self seeking.  We are the ones that is keeping records of wrongs.  We are the ones being easily angered.  

    That said, I am not advocating that someone stay in a physically abusive relationship.   

  13. gr8megawinner says:

    Yes, love does not come from a pretty face, smooth flawless skin, and a beautiful body. It is not physical. The bible explained what is true love. If we do not have those definitions of love we would be empty. True love is enduring, abiding, unconditional and rejoices in others. The Love of God manifests to all those people with a heart of compassion, charity, love and happiness in giving. The purpose of life is to love one another and give away what we can give with cheer and generosity. It is a deep topic that keeps you deeper in the outlook of life. For life exists because of love. the opposite of love ends in destruction.

  14. grea8J says:

    Linda, that makes a very good read. Love is an amazing thing that different people have defined in so many different ways and this is because so many people could not identify true love. We tend to equate things like infatuation, lust, and emotions with true love. Thanks for shedding some light on this. I like to add that essentially true love is unconditional but this leads us to another question: “Does unconditional love truly exist?”

  15. Dane says:

    Hi Linda, I must commend the importance of this post in our everyday life. Love is a really huge thing to just conclude on just because you are having a smooth friendship with some, most times its just the feeling of attachment and not love itself. I love the questions you put up there. Now we all should access ourselves with these question and see if we are actually in love. Thanks for this really nice post.

  16. Jordan Smith says:

    What an extraordinary explanation of Love as its truth shall never and can never be forgotten…I am transformed “literally”, by this your ability to share so accordingly to my ability to comprehend. I am excited and will share this post with others. To be honest, I am grateful to have come across this piece while searching for a way to share with my son and his girlfriend, what it means to love. It is can be so difficult to show, teach, and sometimes explain to my now, grown son, what I owed to him as his father….what love is, what it looks like, and then the significance love has to his existence in life. As he shares his life struggles, it is the struggle of love that concerns me the most. and It certainly reveals to me that I missed the mark as his father yesterday but today by the grace of God, I have the opportunity to make some amendments. Thank you Linda!


  17. RoDarrick says:

    Hi Linda, you have talked about a very interesting post here. Love in this generation has turned to material based. There should be something in there for me before I got myself hooked up with anyone. Like you stated, true love should not be based on all these. It should be a feeling of mutuality and not anyhow feeling of attachment as a result of things valued from a person. Such rare insights you have offered here. Thanks.

    • RoDarrick.
      This is really unfortunately sad. Materialistic is not love. As simple as how parents buy tablets to keep children entertained. I don’t like it one bit; they remove communication from their lives. Not to mention, communication is one of the foundations of love.

  18. Hanna says:

    Love this post!  It is because it is about love:)

    I realized as you get older, the meaning of love for me changes.  For me, the greatest meaning of love is when you give appreciation or love to someone, you do not expect anything in return.  It is what you call unconditional love.  

    If the world has this kind of love, things around us will all be great! 

    Thank you for sharing this post!  All the best!

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