Know Thyself

Getting the feeling

Have you ever felt like there is a huge power that comes over you that you can’t overcome it or defeat it? Such as  a stalker, an addiction or an illness? Have you ever felt it is oh so huge it’s not defeated and you don’t know how it entered. You don’t know what door or window was opened. Like when a robber enters your home and he enters through a window or a door. You ask yourself why it’s so hard to overcome this spiritual attack just like it’s hard to overcome a robber. Well I have the answer; won’t come from me per sey but I know the guide.

Your self depth 

One feels this way each time one goes to sleep and each time one wakes up ;when one finds themselves in the same position that one was before. It is very sad to find yourself in a situation you feel captivated by. This is the conclusion; you are unique. There is nobody like you. Whether you are a twin, triplet etc. There is nobody else like you out there. Nobody knows your thoughts, how many hairs you have, your reactions etc. except the all mighty. Yes, I go back to him. He created you from your mother’s womb. He planned you way before you got conceived. God has a purpose and mission for you. He knows it all; more than you know yourself. He knows where the attacks are coming from.

Figuring it out  

How will you figure it out if you don’t have a connection with God? You can’t figure it out if you don’t listen to him. You can’t figure it but if you speak with him. One needs to bond with him; it is the key to revelation. If you follow these instructions, you will find the door where those attacks are coming from. Do not forget we all have iniquities. Iniquities is a long spiritual chain of sins that is passed on from generation to generation from the day one is conceived; it just grows longer. It grows until someone comes and cuts it with spiritual eyes. The door falls within those iniquities. Look for them. If you wish to learn more, keep visiting my page.

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  1. Jones says:

    Every time I stumble on your article, I know I’m blessed. This is really a divine article. Overcoming spiritual attack is something most of we Christian still battle so hard with no victory, we tend to always fight in our own ways, not his, we should learn to fight the right way, in the book of 1John 5: 4, we can see that we overcome the world by our faith. The most profiting deal anyone can do with time is spending it with the Most High, Him alone knows our purpose her on earth and He’s the master planner, we should learn to follow God’s plan rather than trying to adjust the nature of God into our plans. This aericle is really a blessing and I’m happy I came across it. Thanks

  2. Nick says:

    I never used to be a believer in god and always questioned faith. Last year my little brother, due to a disease, had a 10% chance of living. Through the power a prayer and family and amazing doctors, he pulled through. I’m not 100% sure if there was a stronger power that helped him survive…but every since then I’ve had a better relationship with god and I feel like overall my life and my families life is much better. <3

  3. Henderson says:

    I believe that the key to a happy life is having a strong connection with God. Sometimes I feel like I don’t understand what is going on with me but I know that sometimes to better understand and know thyself, one should speak to ones creator because he knows us better than we do. Nice one Linda.

  4. Adyns68 says:

    Hi Linda,

    Another heartfelt post!

    After reading your post, I keep in mind that, the only way I can get to know myself is by talking to one who knows me better than myself. God knows everything about me, even what I do not know about myself.

    I think keeping the connection with God is the key to a blessed life. Just by reading the Bible and praying I understood my life better than reading any other books in the library.

    Great post as always.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. John says:

    Hello Linda, this is very good. I have to agree. There are sometimes that I do things that I would never really do. It just sought of happens to me. I have learnt over time that to be a better person, one needs to understand ones ideal. Knowing thyself is a really good way to understand not just yourself but your reaction to the environment generally. Good one!

  6. Jay says:

    God knows us before we are born and he knows everything about us and what we are going to do. We feel we know ourselves but the fact is that God understands us more than we understand ourselves which is why he always has a plan for us even before we are given birth to. There are so many questions we have but the fact is that we might be afraid to ask them. Like if God knows us before we are born then those people that do outrageous evils on others, why are they allowed to be given birth to in the first place because if God knows us before we are born then he should make such persons not to be given birth to in the first place so they don’t have the opportunity to come to this earth to commit outrageous sins.

  7. Shelley says:

    Hmm! This Is truly insightful and blessing filled. Knowing ourselves does not just come from the  willingness of heart or the expression to, it must come from our desire to really know ourself through God. We must be able to see yourself through God. Since we are made in His likeness, everyone on earth are made uniquely and nobody shares specifically the same features with the other, then we must seek God to help us to know and identify who we truly are. Very great and interesting read for me.

  8. Paul says:

    Dear Linda,

    Thanks a lot for thought-provoking and insightful post (As always).

    Know Thyself is a must then only we will know and understand why we are here and where we need to go. And in order to go there how we need to live.

    Only the CREATOR knows the purpose of HIS creation and only the CREATOR knows how to repair when things go wrong. So we need to listen and follow HIS instruction.

    Spending time with our LORD is the most precious thing we can do in this world with our time. HIS plans for us are the very best. So rather trying to fit GOD into our plan it is a wise thing to fit into GODS plan and learn from HIM. For all the problems HE is the only solution.

    GOD Bless!


  9. Jordan Smith says:

    There was a time i felt really lost, stuck (a bit like caged bird) and had a deep feeling within my heart that was not going away (no matter what I achieved or did on the outside). I decided and committed many years ago, that I was not going to stop until I find out what I was searching for. After some counseling from my pastor, then I started seeing changes in the positive way. I’m sure I wouldn’t have found solution till now if I didn’t get that connection with God.

    Thanks for writing on this, I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

  10. Edward says:

    Thank you very much Linda. I always appreciate your wise words here. Know thyself is definitely an important concept. I think the first time I really heard that was in my early 20’s, listening to a self help book summary audio program. Throughout my 20’s (I am 29 now) I learned a lot more about myself that I never knew. 

    I learned more about my past and what was going on within me. The more I understand myself the more I understand other people too. The more I develop patience for myself the more I find myself naturally being patient with others. Good article and I hope more people find it. Thanks!

  11. Pentrental says:

    Know thyself indeed. I’ve definitely felt that huge power coming over me, it’s a feeling like no other. Perhaps anxiety can be a form of the feeling. Self depth is really important as it requires the one to look deep inside themselves and find a path toward light and prosperity. Adversity comes in many forms, which is what I think you got at here. I appreciate this uplifting massage and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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