Kelley’s Testimony

Kelly’s Testimony

A Tribulation

The  tribulation began  when I  (Kelley R. Moore) was born, the state took me away from my mother and put me into a foster home as she was incapable of taking care of me at that time. At first, I was placed into a foster home where all they did was give me the bottle. They never changed, loved or played with me (only interested in the money). When this was found out, I was moved into another foster home who eventually adopted me. Here, I was physically, mentally, and sexually abused by both parents. My father used to tell me if I did not have sex with him, the devil was going to come eat me for dinner. My mother as well would join in these carnal acts with vegetables which she would later use for the meal.

I was pregnant at the age of 8 from my adopted father.  I lost it obviously.  For 17 years, I endured endless rapes, and abuse but because of their “religion” and position in the church, no one listened. I finally was able to get away by being forced to marry a friend of mine while my adopted father held a sawed-off shotgun on me from a distance hidden in the woods. (wedding was outside)

The enemy attacks

After the marriage, we left for Florida with some friends of ours. When we got there, my husband left me and filed for an annulment. In the meantime, one of the people that went to Florida with us was my “True love”.  We came back to visit his daughter; I went to pick him up as he was saying good bye to his daughter and ex. We were due to get married that weekend. He gave them each a hug, bent to kiss his daughter, stood up and his ex’s new man drove up and shot him dead in front of all of us. 

Was a long hard struggle but I moved on with my life. In 2009 I had a “stroke like” attack which put me in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks.  When I came out there was an “eviction” notice on the door and lights turned off. I had no home no place to go. A friend of mine from Texas put me up in a motel for a week and a friend from Virginia made some calls, got my daughter and I into the shelter.

I surrendered


While in the Salvation Army shelter one night ; Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus take the wheel” came on the radio, I cried like a baby and gave my life to God, turned everything over to him right then and there. I prayed endlessly that night. What has happened since then I have my own place, a great volunteer position with The Salvation Army, A marvelous relationship with God who is using me in many different Ministries. I’m a Sunday school teacher and youth leader. I have my own video ministry and go to a nursing homes on Sundays to preach to them. God made me an authority leading Bible Studies. I am an empty vessel ready, willing and able to be molded and filled by God. Does he hear your prayers? Absolutely! Does he answer them in his time? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely!
Does he love us UNCONDITIONALLY? Definitely!

God carried me through tribulation;  8 suicide attempts, my adopted dad trying to run me over and stab me, my mother burning my hand on a hot wood stove because i did not obey immediately, pushing me down the stairs, chasing me with snakes, making me sleep out in a shed and or old bus, using the restroom in the woods, and water hose to shower and so much more. Because they were “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and he was an elder in the church, they would not believe he could/would do such things.  When people finally listened and I made a report, the statute of limitations was up. But God was there. He took care of me for that; I am eternally grateful and forever His.

GOD IS SO GOOD. Each tribulation contains its purpose. 


Kelley R. Moore