David’s Testimony

A Cry Out

As I fell to my knees on a hill, with a bottle of vodka, high on drugs, crying, screaming and yelling at God; I argued with him asking; “Why don’t you hear my cry? Why are you not there when you supposedly say you’ll be there? Why do yourself to me. This is the last chance I give you to show me you are real!” Right then, a voice came into my head that said, “David, look up.” As I looked up, a light shined down onto an old shop that had recently turned into a congregation.

I refused to attend. There was no way I’d give that another shot. So, I had tried attending a congregation in the past. I had seeked God many times. However, all I received in return was judgement for my tattoos, the way i look, the way I speak. I fought the image of the congregation and the voice in my head telling me to attend; so I attended. I knocked on a Thursday expecting no answer. However, surprisingly the door was opened and as I spoke to someone who joyfully invited me to attended the upcoming Sunday and speak to the pastor” Nick Nikolettos”.

I raced home eager to tell my parents and fiancé I had found help; However, I received a careless response and decided to fight it in prayer instead. Long story short, I continued attending church, received help, and got baptized. I still stayed focus on Christ even with my world falling apart. Many bad things were happening as good ones arrived as well. My car was busted, I returned my daughter to her mother, and my fiancé left me yet; months later, I caught her drunk in the arms of some guy.

A Fall

I decided to hand myself into suicide, leaving my beautiful babies without the good Father I am. I went up the hill but right as I was going to act on it, a cop; also member of the congregation appeared and stopped me. After he had a talk with me about life and Christ; I decided to give up my desires and follow Jesus path. To change my mentality and actions to his.

Where I stand

I’m in my early thirties, been 18 months clean now with only 3 relapses during that period. I’ve been working and completing my goals. I’ve kept my license, spent more time with my children. I’ve cut my drinking down 80{1e1b2a577cf2179dc1d68c2bf84acd73617d9a77ac2d9b9108824769f04fc539}; am today 9 days free from smoking. I volunteer; do meals for those in need. Souls have come to Christ through my living testimony and I pray that amount grows. Giving up on GOD is just like quitting; test him as I did and you’ll get a response. He placed the people I needed to guide me. Thanks to him, I am who I am today.


David Northeast