Dating online vs meeting online

Online dating is something that happens so much in this generation. There are so many online dating sites out there. What makes these sites work out? Is it the website itself? Is it the profile? What makes the dating work properly are the individuals who use it. How far are you willing to go to find your soulmate? Are you only willing to chat? Are you willing to exchange pictures, contact information and meet someday? You need to think how much you’re willing to do. We recommend you pick the site according to your beliefs. If you are a believer in Christ, and are fabulous websites to seek your loved one. It falls within your same beliefs and its profile questions are wonderful. There are a few red flags when searching online for the special someone. Well let’s review the difference between online dating and meeting online.

Online dating

Online dating means you have an actual relationship with the individual through technology. This is regardless whether you met online or in person. However, your relationship stands between video chats, social media etc. This type of dating is very dangerous; it can lead to many red flags.
Here is a true story of an online dating relationship:
They met on an online dating site. Then they met up in a public place; he came from a 6 hours drive. They met, liked each other and decided to see each other on weekends to know one another. However, he fell for her so fast that she didn’t know they were in a relationship until a month passed. Instead of stopping that misunderstanding, she went along with it to see if it worked. However, since he couldn’t be with her, he begun checking up on what she did. He cheeked her social media, hacked her phone account to see who she talked to. Long story short, it became an abusive relationship that was truly hard to get out of. The issue with online dating is; it leads to cyber (mental, legal, spiritual) issues.

Meeting Online

Meeting online means you just find a profile suitable to your ideal partner, exchange messages and phone numbers. Once you’ve met in person(only meet in public)you are bound to slowly get to know one another. The correct type of initiative for both men and women is to have a decent conversation that speaks about “goals, dreams and what you seek.” That is the correct way to initiate. It is better off if you have this conversation on the 3rd date but it’s better on a 1st date. That way, you both know where you stand. Be friends first, only God knows if it’s meant to be.    


Be the person you want to date. Do you water a plant like “showering” it/No. It’ll die. The faster you jump into something, it’s more likely to not work out. Or do you water the plant slowly for it to grow its fruits? The slower you take it, its more likely to become something fruitful and awesome.

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  1. George says:

    Hello there. I read your article about dating online. In this day and age where most people have busy schedules and don’t have time to meet, dating online can help. But as with everything, online dating is a tool that can be misused but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.As more people want to work from home and make money online. online dating will have more value (well it has already) in the future.

  2. Matt says:

    Hi Linda,

    Once again, I found this article saved my relationship life and very helping. It makes me think of my relationship with my family & my partners. I related much with the content in “Dating online vs meeting online” since I’ve experienced some when I try dating online.

    It’s like what you mentioned in that article, I did have mental, legal, spiritual issues through online dating. I think it all turned out worse than the traditional way of dating since our generation is lack of patience and don’t think things could be fixed.

  3. Benny says:

    hello again, i always find your articles inspiring and helpful. many people would confuse the idea of meeting online with dating online. i love your explicit explanation of both of them. everyone needs to be able to put display modes of character that he or she will accept in return. thank you for this

  4. Nuttanee says:

    I actually met my husband online. The website was then called Plenty of Fish or POF. I’m not sure if they are still around but I heard that are many ratchet people on that website. 

    I did not know that there is a different meaning between dating online and meeting online. Thanks for clarifying that out. Dating in general sure has come a long way, wow.

    I think it is best to take things slow like you said. Learn about another person first. I also suggest that meeting that person in person and of course in public! Is the best choice. You get to see that person, trust your gut feelings and take it from there.

    That was how I did it 🙂

  5. Sondra M says:

    For starters, I really liked the friendship quote you started this article off with.   

    I had never really thought about it, but there is a difference between meeting online and dating online.   Taking your time and not rushing a potential relationship is important.  Using common sense is important – like meeting in a public place.   

    I believe that honesty and communication are extremely important when dating.  It does not matter if you are dating online or  only see each other in person.  

    In the example you have, the guy might not have gone into stalking mode had the girl been confident enough to say that she was not ready for a serious relationship yet.    Of course if someone shares everything they are doing online, possible boyfriends/girlfriends and employers can see what they are putting out there.   Common sense and discretion is required.  

    Best wishes.  

    • Sondra,
      From my understanding; this girl didn’t share he life on social media so the guy began stalking her hence; he wanted to know what she was doing since they were miles and hours away. What I can imagine regarding her not telling him that she wasn’t ready for a commitment is because she could have felt trapped. Of course, if they were young then naïve and ignorance falls into place; where intimidation takes into matter.

  6. Cathy says:

    I’ve tried online dating – it was creepy. It feels like the person wants to know every single detail and I am exposing too much even before meeting up. I had to be careful and constantly remind myself that I didn’t know this person very well and thus shouldn’t invest much feeling into it. Needless to say, online dating didn’t work for me. The approach was too pretentious and superficial for my taste. 

  7. Dane says:

    These are two serious situations you have pointed  out here. Meeting online  can also lead a good relationship as well only if you’re not far apart from each other. I met my wife on Facebook and we went along for about 2 months before we started dating. After a while I realized she lived two streets away from mine. This was two weeks into the relationship when her location popped on my phone during a call. But not withstanding, I still would pick meeting online then dating rather than dating online. My opinion. 

  8. Ilaisaane Tuakalau says:

    Your article gives wise counselling for those who are looking for relationships online. 

    I agree, with what you stated about, the difference between dating online and just meeting online. 

    I cannot count how many times, a close friend of mine has fallen into the trap of falling in love with a stranger that she has ‘dated’, via an online dating site, and then getting a broken heart, over discovering, the not so nice sides of the men she thought, were initially reciprocating her feelings. I always noticed how quickly these men took control of her life, often resulting in some sort of abuse. However, she is not Christian and will not take my advice.

    Meeting online is much safer, which gives both individuals the opportunity to get to be friends first, before making any serious commitments. The Christian websites you have provided sound like very good alternatives, and I will share it with my friend.

    Thank you for an informative article.

  9. Stella says:

    Either online dating or online meeting, to me, both are very risky to practice and adopt. The outcome are not always palatable. The result for online dating is faster but that of online meeting can take long time like two years before it backfire. I have see a victim of online meeting which cost her a baby and emotional instability. It is hard for them to get over it now. There is nothing as good and real as seeing someone you want to spend your life with physically and studying his/er behaviours and compare with your own. I believe in physical relationship that started without any social media intervention. Social Media is a devil on it own. Alot of fake life are  rampant. Alot awful news about online dating are also there but I think this is as a result of lust story not love.

  10. coralie says:

    Internet dating is such a huge market these days.  I have been in a relationship for 16 years, so I have never used it….Thank God.  My sister has tried it many times and more times then not it hasn’t worked out. 

    I love the part in your post where you compared a new meeting with watering your plants. Flooding the plant will kill it and slowly watering it will allow it to grow.  Really well put.  I know that this is where we are with dating these days, so I think people pretty much have to at least try to find love anyway they can.  Great job

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