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There are different type of relationships such as; Family, Friendship, Colleagues. Singleness, Courtship & Marriage.
Love concurs all when it’s foundation is set correctly.

unexpected 5

Unexpected Turnovers

Unexpected Turnovers Every parent wants the best for their child; don’t you? However, how does one distinguish his or her good friends? There are both good and bad friendships out...

Why Am I Still Single? 7

Why Am I Still Single?

I picked my daughter up from her friend’s house last weekend and asked her whose truck was in the driveway. She said it was her friend’s mom’s boyfriend. I thought,...

Fellowship is  love 9

Fellowship is love

Fellowship Fellowship is the partnership from one believer or nonbeliever with another by socializing with similar interests. A common fellowship is when two or more are interacting in a pleasant...

Types of Love 13

Types of Love

  TYPE OF LOVE AGAPE,PHILO, EROS Many people think one falls in love. Correction: one grows in love. However, one must learn the different type of love there are.  Agape:...

Carrying Weight vs Letting Go 9

Carrying Weight vs Letting Go

carrying-weight vs letting go Balance it out There are all type of people in this world. A negative  influence does not precisely indicate the individual is bad. One does not...

Dating online vs meeting online 12

Dating online vs meeting online

Online dating is something that happens so much in this generation. There are so many online dating sites out there. What makes these sites work out? Is it the website...