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Prayer- What is it?
According to dictionaries, prayer is a “request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship”. Prayer is having a conversation with Godhead three in one; Father, Spirit and Son. Yes, Father, Spirit and Son are all different. However, one can still speak to all three at once. Didn’t you ever speak to a Male, Father and Husband or a Woman, Mother and Wife? Well, there you go; prayer is similar.


Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests Everywhere you turn, you’ll see air; it is so transparent, feels fresh and even relaxing. What color is it? Yellow? Blue or transparent? That’s the way God is;...


Prayer Warfare

If you read Daily Prayer, you have seen what a basic prayer looks like. One seeks, asks, waits and receives. However, a warfare prayer is different than any other prayer....


Daily Prayer

Prayer is immensely important. It is the communication between you and GOD. Many people wonder what it is one needs to pray; how to pray, what words are needed to...


Pray for yourself

When it comes to praying, it is known that the majority of people pray for others but not for themselves. Whether it’s on television or real life; there is a...