Category: Analogies

In order to comprehend certain topics, one must view it from certain analogies; known as angle of perspective related to a comparison.


Glow sticks-Broken, yet glowing

Glow sticks-Broken yet glowing I was in a Dollar store last night, and there were two boys and a lady behind me in line. One was a big kid, and...


God Is Not Real

Many people refuse to believe that God is real, which is fine. However, read this and rethink your answer regarding His existence.


People say no church

People say no to Church There are various reasons why people say no to church. Many people do not attend church because they do not believe in GOD and usually...

sensibility 3

The sensibility of Christians

Sensibility towards society? It has come to my attention that 70 percent of people who call themselves “Christians” tend to treat others according to their own judgement. The world is...


Obedience Rewarded

The initiative Many years ago, a young boy of 16 had decided to leave home because his father was too poor to support him any longer. So, the day came…he...


The Garbage Truck Law

The Garbage Truck Law One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car...