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  1. Paul says:

    All posts are insightful and inspiring.

    Garbage trucks story is an eye-opener to me and that post made me think a lot.

    There is no success without suffering. Our creator needs to break, melt, and mold us to make us a useful vessel. We are often just like that toddler not knowing our main purpose.

    William Colgate story is inspiring. Although we know the rule, Give and it will be given. Most of us are not ready to give and that’s the reason we are not given many blessings from our LORD.

    I am really sad at the result of your experiment and that’s the true status of many believers and churches.

  2. Chloe says:

    I must say these are really interesting analogies you have  gathered and I am really glad to have come across these  wonderful collection. Of all I love the story of the garbage truck, its both amazing and educational. Funny as it may seem but you get to see such people people of the road who are at fault for driving recklessly yet they blame it on you should something go wrong. Thanks for these really wonderful analogy. 

  3. Russ Green says:

    Wow, I love these analogies I enjoyed reading them, I especially liked the garbage truck one, I think we could all take head of that one every day, I am also intrigued as to how you dreamed up this subject for a niche idea, I think it’s absolutely fantastic, I bet you don’t get much competition when it comes to search engine optimization, I have bookmarked your website because I will be coming back to read more of your posts, thank you for sharing. 

  4. MissusB says:

    From time to time, people should read analogies such as those you presented so that we can always take a deeper look on how we are doing. Those spiritual analogies help us to check if we are still living the values or having been swayed due to negativities around us. Bringing light to others and making their lights shine as well is something that follows my thought about being a glow stick. With us, being broken so that we can bring forth light to others is magnanimous. I would like to be filled with the Holy Spirit so I can bring true light to others, and help them in any way I can. Thank you for sharing wonderful thoughts. It makes us ponder, step back and reexamine our spirituality.

  5. Matt says:

    Hi Linda,

    With 5 analogies shared in this article, I like the idea of garbage truck law since I found myself tend to throw much mental rubbish to my family or my friends after work and it’s not healthy. I also embrace the idea of glow sticks, and I got inspired by it.

    I found it’s really helping me when I face difficulties in my life and my work. I know it’s really simple to follow the guidelines from those articles, but sometimes I just couldn’t help but go in the wrong direction. I think it’s better that I keep this article in mind and come to for more reading to calm down for peace in mind.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Matt's Mom says:

    Great analogies that I had not read before.  I loved reading the garbage truck law.  So many people need this!  They just need to unload their garbage and then move on.  Let it be taken out with the trash and forget about it.  Life is too short to dwell on the past, the would of could of should of’s.  We have to live in the present.  To me it is like carrying a suitcase around with you everywhere you go.  

    • Lindymonse says:

      Exactly, well said.
      Carrying a suitcase, carrying a baggage, carrying pain, carrying garbage etc.
      In the end, its about carrying a weight we must all let goof.

  7. Norman says:

    Hello and thanks so much for sharing in a few words the power of analogies. It is good to use analogies which can strengthen a point and make it all clear. This is a great way to break something down so that those who are listening or reading can get a better understanding. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Dominic says:

    Wow, I read your analogies one by one and I’ve literally grasped ALL of them! Thanks Lindy for sharing these foods of thought and spiritual inspiration. I think I’ve heard the barber story from a Homily once in my local church. The first time I learned of it, it really struck my heart deep down. When you reminded me of the story through this article, I got struck again straight to the heart. You just helped me remember what I should be doing all along to help turn my unpleasant life around. This is such an inspiring post.

  9. Karin Nauber says:

    I loved reading the various borrowed analogies! I think my favorite one was about the glow stick though. We often think we are so strong when we are unbending and straight, but when we are broken and begin to show the light of God, well, that is when the miracle happens. When we are broken, that is when God can shine through us! I love this analogy!


    • Lindymonse says:

      Exactly Karin.
      I am delighted to see how much you enjoyed this specific one,.
      When I first heard it, I loved It so much; I had to share it with all readers,

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