Blossom your life-Spring vs you

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Blossom your life-Spring vs you











Blossom your life-Spring vs you

Has your life blossomed?

Blossom means to grow into something large;  from something tiny like a seed. We are all like seeds before we are born. Seeds need to be taken care of in order to grow properly. Just like a seed is being planted into a pot, so is a baby. The fetus is being planted into the mother’s womb. A plant needs ingredients from nature  to be nurtured such as water, sun and soil. A mother should consume vitamins and nutrients to properly nurture the baby seed. Remember spring?

Are you a seed?

Blossom your life-Spring vs you

Seeds are just like people; both inside the womb and once born. Each seed will grow into a specific flower, fruit or vegetable. Just as you and I will grow into a beautiful  human being with a purpose in life and self identity. Seeds have an identity such as you and I have one. Unfortunately, many people out there don’t know their self identity. Truth being told is;  we all have an identity the moment we are planted in our mother’s womb.  Just as the seed has one. Therefore, we are all seeds.

Finding the identity

Let’s say you find a seed and don’t know what will become of it. However, you know you must plant and nuture it to find out. Same thing with people. Assuming you don’t know which way to go in life; you must be fed with the word and faith. hether you are a beliver or not, the word reveals so much in life.  It reveals the solution to issues of  life. It reveals the truth and the light. Just as water is fed to a planted seed, the word is  fed in our spirit. The more we listen to the word, the more or faith grows. The more a seed is watered, the more sun it will require.

Ask yourself; Am I a seed that’s dying or a seed that’s blooming?

Seven Realities of GOD

God works in each and everyone of us. Whether we believe or not; he works in us in mysterious ways. It is truly amazing.

Set your mind to it

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4 thoughts on “Blossom your life-Spring vs you

  1. Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, hope, and joy as you see the dormant plant life come back to life all around you, full of new and bright green leaves and often having flowers that are bright and having scents that are heavenly. It is a special time of year…

    It is no different for us. All the leaves and the flowers that have been nurtured and warmed by the sun to entice them to grow and glow can happen for us too. Just like Spring we can blossom and shine, and change others’ lives as we live through this rebirth ourselves.

    I agree that we need to actively cultivate this blossoming within us and that when we do, it will show on the outside too. Have you ever met people that just seem to radiate beauty, calmness, and love? It is a beautiful thing and almost palpable. That is there for all of us, God has given this gift to us all. I am a seed that is blooming through the grace of God!

    1. Dave,
      I have met those people. Those people are usually always looking at the positive in life, without fear or worries hence, their faith and trust in the Lord reflects on their face, lives, attitude, etc. Lovely people; hard to find.

  2. This is a very relevant metaphorical topic, which I hope blossoms into a relevant and mind-stimulating website.

    I will look forward to reading more of your content and I hope you continue to relay in a way that connects with people just as this page does.

    Each part of the metaphor is easy to interpret, understand and use in life and helps very well to deliver your message.

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