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  1. Hi Linda

    I think this section is really interesting. All of those are concepts that came with time and because men wanted to honor themselves. The one which kills me the most is God doesn’t exist. I love the story you shared, If we do not go to the barber, we will continue to look dirty. If we do not look for God , we shall continue to suffer in the hands of the ennemy. 

    I have a smile on my face and my heart is full of joy to have found your blog, I will bookmarked it and I will be checking up on you. You are doing a wonderful job.

    May God bless you!

    1. Adyns68,
      Thank you.
      I believe that those who do not know God is because they do not seek Him.
      Yes, there are those who seek and do not see a result; patience must be set in order to find.

  2. Hi! Why do people say no to church nowadays? Specially in the first-world nations?

    I believe that in part, it has to do with the coldness of church members. Some portrait the church as fallen in discredit and not having the same separation and thus authority it was designed to have.

    And another answer could be that the world has focused so much on materialistic aspects that they’re like Esau, preferring a bowl of red pottage than eternal promises.

    Or it could be a combination of many things. Could it be because the Lord is knocking on the outside as it happen to the church of the Laodiceans? I’d like to hear from you.

    1. Henry,
      I believe people say no to church for many reasons.
      Church are the people of God; not the building.
      The building is the congregation.
      Therefore, I believe people say no to church (God’s people) because the way believers have let others down due to not living according to the word of God.; hence, living in disobedience, This reflects in their daily life therefore, the word spreads and people do not want to attend a congregation with the concept of “That’s the leader? I don’t want someone like that teach me,” or “They believe in Christ who never answered my prayer.” However, it takes time for a prayer to be answered.

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