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  1. Marlinda Davis says:

    Thank you for bringing awareness to such important causes. It is also important that people affected by certain circumstances know that they are not alone and there are resources out there to get help. Look forward to seeing more causes added to this list. Thanks for sharing and spreading the love far and wide!

  2. patriciawwell says:

    Hi, I would like to thank you for this wonderful website. It helps us a lot. Awareness is the basic requirement of human survival. Self-awareness is the key to harnessing your full potential, of achieving things greater than our self and of leading a happy life. Many people don’t want to talk about it. But you describe the sensitive topic here thanks for that. This article is very helpful for us.

  3. Henderson says:

    This is a very sensitive post. The issue of  morals is really lost in our world today and it is painful. It seems like as the years go by, it gets worse. I like that we can make people aware of this issues and deal with early dating amongst teens. I am glad of this awareness and I hope to be a part of it. Great post.

  4. Hendrik says:

    Very interesting and sensitive topics that you talk about here. I do agree with you that they are still children but parents can’t watch their kids all the time. I think it comes often down to how you educate your child at home, school clearly isn’t helping with the most important kind of education. Money/Relationships and basic living skills. I do believe that it is almost impossible to control your child and you shouldn’t like you say they are no one’s property. It might be tough for a parent to see their child going through pain but I think if that is the path they have chosen, you can only be a guide. Lead by example and your children look up to you. Tell them what and how to behave and they are going to rebel and do it their way. 

  5. MissusB says:

    Bringing awareness to people is considered a social responsibility as well. Providing our fellow men with knowledge, warnings, or by just simply giv8ng proper procedure on how to do things would simply help them with any particular challenge life may bring. 

    Raising Awareness is also a good act of kindness. We are lucky that we are in the era of modernism, social media and technology where awareness can be spread easily. With these, I want to point out that those platforms must be used for the good of many. 

    Like you, i also like to advocate teen awareness. As a teacher, I observed that teens today are given so much freedom that they sometime do what they’re not supposed to. I agree that freedom must be given to any person it must go with responsibility – both by parents and kids. I can’t put more word to explain it further the way you did. Thank you for this wonderful article. Share more positive awareness!

  6. Dave Sweney says:

    Awareness is a term used often these days and with reason. There are so many areas of today’s fast-paced lifestyle that are crucial to know about. If we do not stay current, things can happen that could have been avoided. Also, having a firm foundation in a set of beliefs and morals helps over and above being aware.

    Too many have lost their moral compass and faith today, and it is a shame because this was always the fabric that held us all together over dissension, despair, and discord. I personally have that faith and can attest to the power that comes with the acceptance of Jesus as our savior. What is right and what is wrong is not as clear without this.

    There is a need for more awareness in many segments and activities of the culture we find ourselves in and no matter where we may be in the world. It goes hand in hand with our faith and allows us to exercise our powers judiciously with the idea that we will help as many people as possible who may not have such power to receive it while watching out for those we love who are nearest to our heart… 


  7. coralie says:

    This topic is absolutely something that we should be talking about. Where has the moral compass gone. Many times we see basic manners and helping people go out the window.  I am tired of seeing an overall lack of moral compass from people everyday. We need to get back to that way of living.  I really enjoyed your post. Thank you 

  8. Lynda says:

    I thank you for this website. I am glad you are raising awareness about the power and help that Jesus can give us.

     I feel that without a knowledge of the power of Christ in our lives we cannot have a true knowledge of right from wrong know this to be a true statement. 

    I think we should not only keep our families and those dear to us but anyone we come in contact with it is our responsibility to watch over and pray for and help to receive the knowledge of his power. 

    This has truly been a blessing.