Antonio’s Testimony

Antonio’s Testimony flashback

“As humans, we tend to think our way is the correct way. I am 85 years old now. I’m not who I used to be. If someone were to describe who I was, they’d describe me as a “macho”, adulterer, a “don’t mess with me or you’ll get hurt”. I owned 3 bars, cheated on my spouse and drank my life away. However, with one aging, one thinks and sees life differently. Things changed once I began to lose my eyesight. I began to see how short a lifetime is; we don’t look at the positive in life but the negative. I began to have flashbacks of the times I could have died. Within time, I came to the conclusion “God saved me; otherwise I wouldn’t be alive at this age.

Don’t mess with me

As I was offered to play poker in one of my bars, I got begged to buy a deck of cards from a 9 year old boy. Feeling bad for the boy, I bought the deck and used it to play. It was rare the high amount of times I lost; therefore, I began to get suspicious. My opponent decided to leave rapidly and as he left, I decided to compare the cards with a new one I had saved. I noticed the deck of cards had a tiny number on the left side which let him know what card I had. Cheater!!!!!!!! The boy was sent by him to sell me those cards because they had a vicious trap!!!! Therefore, I got in my vehicle and followed my opponent to have a chat.

As he ran in his home, he rapidly came out with a machete and threw it towards me. Without any weapon in my hands to defeat him, I bent down, grabbed  rocks and threw them at him. He immediately threw the machete on the floor and ran inside. I walked towards the door to see why he didn’t come back out. Since he didn’t come out, I grabbed the armor and left. Two weeks passed and I bumped into him at a gas station; as I saw him, my answer was there. His teeth were knocked out and his mouth was a mess. As I had thrown the rock to defend myself, I aimed right at his mouth and damaged it. I could have been dead by his weapon; yet, God saved me.”


Antonio C.

Big versus Small

Which is bound to win? A weapon or a  rock? Who is more powerful?  A talented champion or a weak man? If you question how in the world the rock beat the weapon, it is possible. There once was a man named Goliath and a man named David who went up for battle.  A champion named Goliath from Gath came out from the Philistine camp. He was four cubits and a span tall, wore a bronze helmet on his head, and wore bronze scale armor that weighed about 5,000 shekels. He had bronze armor on his legs and carried a bronze javelin slung between his shoulders. The shaft of his spear was like a weaver’s beam and the iron point of his spear weighed 600 shekels.

Then there was David; Saul put his garments on David, set a bronze helmet on his head, and put armor on him.  David strapped Saul’s  sword over his garments and tried to walk, but  he was not used to the armor. David told Saul, “I can’t walk in these because I’m not used to them,”  and then took them off.  He took his staff in his hand and chose for himself five smooth stones from the brook and put them in the pouch in his shepherd’s bag. He approached the Philistine with his sling in his hand. So you have both men ready for battle. However, David’s armor was God and Goliath’s armor was his own strength. David won the battle and everyone was amazed. Read this story on 1 Samuel 17. It is a similar story than Antonio’s flashback.