Almolonga’s Testimony-Transformation


Transformation in a life is possible. This video is an example of many people’s life testimonies. The entire valley was transformed. Most people believe that one needs to be a witness in order to believe in GOD. Visiting this valley is a great way to be a witness. It is unlikely to see a place like this one. There is no jail, no bar etc. However, it used to be the worst place on earth.



This city of Almolonga in the country of Guatemala, used to be a dark, sinful and spiritually dead city. It was filled with alcohol, witchcraft, jails and prostitution. It was a city of terrible reputation. In case you ask how that connected to the spiritual world, let me explain. Alcoholism usually includes adultery, lies, pain and not releasing the pain within. Witchcraft includes idolatry and many doors towards destruction. Prostitution includes fornication, pornography, lack of self-worth, lies, adultery and a whole bunch more. Jails includes so much captivity and evil within. Each word that one may call “sinful” is actually a “captivity” that may contain or lead to more “captivity”



One day, a servant of God,a Pastor named “Norman” decided to evangelize (speak the word of God) to the city. The word grew mouth to mouth; more evangelists joined this action and many souls were saved. This revival grew more and more each day. Norman passed his work on to “Mariano Riscache” and his wife “Micaela” before he passed. People were growing in faith by hearing the word of the Lord. This expanded so much that people began changing their choices in life that led them to obedience instead of the wicked path they lived in.


Transformation occurred in the city of Almolnga.  High percentage of alcoholism decreased, prostitution stopped, and Witcraft was exchanged for the ways of the Lord. Jails that were in every corner were closed down and turned into congregations instead. Only one hail was left. The 98 percent of the city came to the Lord and begun walking in a holy path. This does not mean that nobody sinned again. They just turned their lives around.  Almolonga was oh so blessed that rain stopped and vapor grew from the ground making their crops grow abundantly. Crops that would never grow before due to their ways of living. This is Almolonga’s Testimony. A living Testimony that “you, yourself” may visit and witness.

This is an inspirational video that shows that transformation is possible in spiritual life.
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