The name is Linda; personally, I have experienced oh so very much of God's existence. Nobody will ever apart me from Christ. My testimony is so detailed. It is the details that make it a testimony.  Because of health issues, I lost myself and only God was able to save me. Which he did. However, it takes complete surrender, faith and humbleness to do so. My life was completely transformed into a world I would of probably never believed would be possible. He taught me that the supernatural world is real and I would like you all to get a feel for it as well. My life is now dedicated to Him and only Him.                                                                                                  Linda~

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see air; it is so transparent, feels fresh and even relaxing. What color is it? Yellow? Blue or transparent? That’s the way God is; one can only feel him in the spirit though nobody can see him. Only he who truly dispositions his heart and creates a relationship with him, will hear his voice and receive answers. It takes faith and communication with God to experience his glory.                                            Linda~