Spiritual l Life

Hello and Welcome to Lindymonse.com. The audience we seek are people who have a spirit within their soul. Does that sound like you? We all have a Spirit, a Soul and a Mind; that’s guaranteed. The question is; how do you manage it? Each business has a manager managing employees. How do you manage your spirit, soul and mind? Spiritual Life focuses on three things; parenting, singleness and single parenting. You don’t have to be a parent or be completely single; this site may also help you. It focuses on the spirit within you that controls your daily life. We are here to help you on making your life easier by taking it step by step. Finding out what dominates within your life and helping you exclude it. Life is a spiritual battle; are you ready to fight it? Why (.today) you ask? Because today is the time to make a change. Yes, few people like change; many prefer their comfort zone but change can be a good thing.


This is an inspirational video that shows that transformation is possible in spiritual life.

I recommend you watch: Transformations: When God comes to town 


Some future topics: Rejection, abortion, abuse, traumas, illnesses, love, grief, domestic violence, singleness, fear, bullying,single parenting, unemployment, adoption, pparenting, alcohol and more